bwitchedthumbOh my god.

Theyre coming back. The music of my youth.

“Irish girlband B*Witched have reportedly held talks about making a musical comeback.

The four-piece, made up of twins Edele and Keavy Lynch, Sinead O’Carroll and Lindsay Armaou, are said to be considering reuniting after meeting up for the first time in over three years.

“Lindsay and Keavy flew in especially for the night out and I picked them up from the airport and Edele cooked us all dinner in her house,” O’Carroll told Irish Central.

“It was lovely seeing them all again as we were very close for a long time.”

O’Carroll and Edele Lynch, whose feuding contributed to the group’s original split in 2002, have apparently put past differences behind them since both becoming mothers.

“What happened is in the past and we have both moved on,” O’Carroll said. “We have a lot in common now, given that we both have baby girls.”

B*Witched rose to fame with debut single ‘C’est La Vie’ and enjoyed two Top 5 albums.”


Oh my god, such awesome news.

When I was younger I remember visiting my cousins house. He’d started following this band, and had bought all of their singles released, every different format that came with different covers and b sides, as well as any international releases of singles. The band he was following were this little group called Oasis. I thought it was cool that he was so interested and decided to do the same, so the next group that came out with a single I liked I would do the same.

The next single I liked was Cest La Vie.

Unfortunately I cant get the official music video embedded 🙁

So I went out and bought three versions of the single that were released. Yes I bought THREE copies of this single.

Then the second single.

I also picked up the album which I loved. My favourite track was “To You I Belong” which is not about belonging to your partner, but actually about belonging to your mum. A song about loving your mum, of course I loved it!!

“Rain fell down, you were there. I cried for you when I hurrrt my hand”


By this point though Id stopped buying various different versions of every single, but that didnt mean I didnt still love the band. The second album just wasnt as good. But hopefully they can come back with a BANG

EDIT : Update on this by clicking here. The news isnt good 🙁