Dear Just Jack (RE: Your Death)

thedayidiedDear Just Jack

The day you died was NOT the best day of your life.

Yes your morning does sound pretty cheery. Your wife looked pretty hot (they always do when they wear your clothes dont they), but lets face it – you had to go to work that day. Was your life so shitty that the best day was one where you didnt have to spend time with the wife and the kids?

Anyway, you get on the bus, and its quiet. Thats always nice, and it was on time. Brilliant.

When you get to work theres not much to do, (always nice), and someones been sacked so you’re hoping for a promotion. Guess what Jack, you may not get that promotion, they may just instead decide not to replace him in this economic climate and just reassign his work. NOT SO HAPPY NOW.

At lunchtime you find theres no drunks sat where you like to sit, and no pigeons attacking your work. Why have you gone out for lunch Jack? Is it cause no one at work likes you and doesnt want to spend a minute of the day with you? I THINK SO.

After work you miss the bus. NOT SUCH A GREAT DAY NOW, so you go and buy fags and beer “to relax”. Is this because your life is so depressing that you need to drink it away? I THINK SO.

It doesnt matter anyway as you get hit by a taxi as you cross the road, and die. To be honest, that wouldnt be part of the best day of my life.

OH WAIT. I just realised, since your life is normally full of a nagging wife and kids who you are so desperate to get away from that you spend hours at a job which you hate (so much that you run out at lunch to be on your own). When your day is done you usually drink yourself into a stupour so you can forget all your problems till the next day. So dying actually ended it all and meant you got away from that stuff.


Love and Hugs


PS. I actually love the song. Its amazing. Ta love.

  • Rach

    I love your analytical mind.

    Now please stop walking around the house singing this song. It’s doing my head in.

    Ta love x