Derren Brown Predicts the Lottery – HOW?

Derren-Brown-LotterySo last night Derren Brown predicted the lottery.

How the fuck did he do that?

The show began with Brown looking nervous, after a brief intro we were shown only 3 people present, 2 camera men and Derren. One camera man near him, one at the other end of the room. We were repeatedly advised that this was the culmination of a year of Browns work, that he apologised if it went wrong, and that he was incredibally nervous. There was a stand with balls on in one side of the shot, and a TV in the other side. We couldnt be shown the balls yet as “Camelot had an agreement with the BBC for them to show the draw numbers first.”

Uh, ok, but draw numbers arent the same as your prediction?

Derren then turned on a TV that showed the draw happening live. He went and stood next to the TV, while the balls were stood on their own. Sad as I am, I had set up 2 tvs in my living room so I could watch both shows live. Derren looked increasingly nervous, the draw began and he stood with his hand over his mouth.

I kept watching the balls, you could see the camera shake a fair amount, which I guess was to throw off the idea that they would split screen this part.

Once the draw was done, Derren wrote the numbers on a piece of card, turned the balls round and….



So how did he do it?

He didnt have time or opportunity to slight of hand swap the balls. Thats out.

Split screen is a possibility, and would explain why we had the mysterious camera at the other end of the room with a wider shot, which wasnt used again after being introduced. This would be a disappointing trick though.

Lasers in the ceiling burning the balls with the numbers mid draw is one of my favourite ideas, but ultimately only an evil genius like Dr Evil would go with this.

Mini LED projectors inside the ball is another thing Ive heard suggested, which I guess is a distinct possibility. Though is that really that magic?

My prediction? Derren Brown is a witch and must be burned at the stake (after sharing next week numbers with me thanks)

Edit : Now with video!

  • Is this going to be a regular thing then?

    Everyone’s talking about it here. If it’s something cheesy like a camera trick or a laser it’ll be most disappointing. Can’t see it being anything like that though, it’s not really his style of trick. The interesting thing to me was that he didn’t say anything about how many he’d got right when he was holding the card over them, but I hope it’s not another one like System where he’s recorded a million different endings.

    Intrigued anyway.

  • Taff

    Is what going to be regular? Derren Brown Predicting the lottery, or my website?

    Its a great advert for his TV show whatever it was. I think the System soured him a little in my eyes because that is one of the oldest scams in the book, and I was hoping there was no chance that he was doing it when watching the show. Hopefully hes some great explanation for this, but there was too many convinient reasons for him to not show the numbers beforehand.

    A million different endings? It’d have to be 14 million. I dont think theres any chance of that!

  • i’m literally naked

  • Phevans

    I was referring to you blogging, not necessarily Derren doing predictions. Not that that would be a bad thing, as shown here:

    I liked the System, it’s a very old scam but one that a lot of people aren’t aware of or don’t understand, and I liked to way he discussed the illusion of chance a lot which fascinates me, how people don’t get it.

    I didn’t really think he’d recorded all 14 million endings, I think he’d have looked a lot more haggard if he really had 🙂

    I must go now as I’m being distracted by Chegwin’s acorn-sized cock