Derren Brown Predicts the Lottery – HOW?

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  • Is this going to be a regular thing then?

    Everyone’s talking about it here. If it’s something cheesy like a camera trick or a laser it’ll be most disappointing. Can’t see it being anything like that though, it’s not really his style of trick. The interesting thing to me was that he didn’t say anything about how many he’d got right when he was holding the card over them, but I hope it’s not another one like System where he’s recorded a million different endings.

    Intrigued anyway.

  • Taff

    Is what going to be regular? Derren Brown Predicting the lottery, or my website?

    Its a great advert for his TV show whatever it was. I think the System soured him a little in my eyes because that is one of the oldest scams in the book, and I was hoping there was no chance that he was doing it when watching the show. Hopefully hes some great explanation for this, but there was too many convinient reasons for him to not show the numbers beforehand.

    A million different endings? It’d have to be 14 million. I dont think theres any chance of that!

  • i’m literally naked

  • Phevans

    I was referring to you blogging, not necessarily Derren doing predictions. Not that that would be a bad thing, as shown here:

    I liked the System, it’s a very old scam but one that a lot of people aren’t aware of or don’t understand, and I liked to way he discussed the illusion of chance a lot which fascinates me, how people don’t get it.

    I didn’t really think he’d recorded all 14 million endings, I think he’d have looked a lot more haggard if he really had 🙂

    I must go now as I’m being distracted by Chegwin’s acorn-sized cock