Review : Bem Brazil

bembrazillogoIf you are looking for a place in Manchester to go eat, and you love meat, then get to Bem Brazil for a real treat.

Hmm that rhymes.

Friday night me and old Ayresy decided to go out somewhere for a meal on Saturday. Usually when we go out we have a look for somewhere that has a decent deal on, somewhere like Wagamamas where they often do two for one deals so we can have a meal for just £15.

As we were chatting Rach mentioned a place that had been recommended to her called Bem Brazil, that did a lunch menu for £12.50 each that included all you can eat meat.

All you can eat meat.

I was sold.

I took a look at their website and saw they not only did a lunch menu, but their evening meal was £22.50 and included better cuts of meat, and steaks. Well, I couldn’t turn that down so I told Rach we were upgrading, and going for a full on meat feast.

We got there, and were quickly seated. We were given a large disk each, one side red and the other green. When you want the meat to start coming you flip to green, to stop it you switch to red. Easy.

We got a plate each, and half filled them with salad stuff from the salad bar (which also contained rice, couscous, pumpkin and roast potatoes). Then we flipped our cards to green.

Meat is served by the staff on skewers. They come to your table and either pass you an already sliced piece (for things like chicken or ribs), or just cut a piece off the outside for you at your table (for things like steaks, lamb or beef).

First up for us was chicken wrapped in bacon which was delicious. Shortly after we had pork sausages, then quickly after that some Beef skirt. Our plates were already full so I suggested flipping to red to slow it down. We did, and shortly after the man walked past us with some steaks, saw red and carried on.

Rach made me flip them back to green. 🙁

So the meat continued, rump steak, then pork ribs, then sirloin steak, then lamb, then fillet steak, then duck. All of it was cooked perfectly and delicious – the steaks in particular. It was never ending, and we were getting the meat sweats.

The whole meal I kept saying how awesome it would be to bring mates here, and how there would be a swift insistence that salad didn’t count, it was only how much meat you would consume. I can see me and Rach going back and hopefully I’ll be able to expose my mates to it too!

At 55 quid it wasn’t cheap, but damn it was delicious. Staff are friendly and our service was great. And now I want to go there again!

  • Rach

    Oi Taffy! It’s because you were being a wimp and made us switch to red the first time so we missed the steak at the start! 🙁


    Anyway, lovely review. I want to go back now. I feel the urge to eat cow which is still moo-ing!

  • Sounds shit.

  • Taff

    You’d love it.