Taffs 360 Achievement Challenge – Week 1

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  • That Fifa unranked one seems like a pain – shoulda just asked me mate I woulda did it with you.

    Is Carcassone any good? I have it too but never really played it.

    I should buy Scene It the second one so we can have an online game – that’d be fun. Risto is brilliant at it he’d cream us both. Plus it’s an easy 1k for me.

    Congrats on 20k btw.

  • Taff

    Fifa unranked was kinda fun, Im awesome at Fifa so it was just a case of getting someone to not quit.

    Carcassone is ok but I wouldnt play it that much.

    Scene It – we cant play online – “had tried playing with Joshy Numbers from NPP, but the game doesn’t let you play with people from different countries”

  • Oh thats gay then

  • Nibbles

    Play more Batman.

    Beat my silent predator times GLINT