Taffs 360 Achievement Challenge – Week 1

360Its time for an update on my achievement challenge, how am I doing on my aim to get to 50% of my total achievements overall.

Well, its been pretty good.

I wrote the first update on the 5th of September, and since then Ive made a bit of an effort to step up my achievements in a couple of games.

First off was Fifa 09 where I picked up the following

The Kwong (10GS)

Score a goal with the shortest created player. This is a secret achievement

I doubled this one up with….

The Poon Sang (20GS)

Win with a team of 11 created players in an unranked Xbox Live match.

Now, the problem with Xbox live unranked games in any kind of game is people tend to quit very easily. And this was my biggest problem. To start off I created a team of XI players and made sure the strikers were all as short as they could possibly be. When creating a player, you can only change his ratings to an overall of around 57. So when I took it online I was playing with a team ranked 57, against teams ranked around 87.


I created a session, dropped the times down to 2 minute halfs, and hoped to edge a penalty shoot out win. The first game I played the other guy picked Man City. I attacked immediately, got the ball to the wing and crossed it, and one of my strikers got the header in, and achievement unlocked – The Kwong. Instantly the guy quit.

Unfortunately this doesn’t count as a win. I started again, played a guy who chose Barca. He should have scored twice within ten minutes, but didn’t, and I broke and got a goal after 20 minutes. He instantly quit. Fucking Cunts.

Next match, same again. I actually ended up messaging a friend asking if he could jump online and let me beat him just to get the achievement. As I waited for his reply I started up another game, this guy chose Man City as well. He scored after 10 minutes, and signs weren’t good. But just before half time I got a goal back. The second half was back and fore, and just as time was about to run out on the match I broke, got the ball and scored. I waited for him to quit, but he didn’t, instead trying a cheap tactic of shooting straight from kick off, and winning a corner. I managed to get the ball from the corner, and passed it around my team so he couldn’t quit. Achievements unlocked!

I also managed to get

Jonzo’s Lounge (60GS)

Score 2500 points and win 5 badges in a single Lounge match.

Pretty easy this one. Yet I managed to keep fucking up. Play as Man Utd, and pick the other controller as Accrington. Set one of your strikers as captain pre match, then make sure you score around 15 goals – try to make sure you don’t commit a foul, don’t use the run button, and score from a corner and a penalty. Just foul your players with the other controller to win free kicks and pens. For some reason I kept making a mistake in this and not getting enough badges or points. Its pretty easy tho.

I realised too that I had an arcade game that I got for free that I had no achievements in yet after looking at my dashboard. That game is Carcassonne. I figured Id play that for a bit to boost and managed to pick up

Big City (5GS)

Score a City with 3+ tiles in Single Player

King of the Road (5GS)

Score a road with 5+ tiles in Single Player

Rack Up The Points (10GS)

Score 50+ points in Single Player

Farm Boy (10GS)

Score a Farm supplying 4+ Cities in Single Player

Mirror Monk(25GS)

Score 2 adjacent Monasteries in Single Player

All of these are gained during normal play in single player. After this, quite happy with now sitting on 5/12 achievements for this game, I realised that it hadn’t been listed on last weeks stats, so wouldn’t have counted. So by playing and not getting 50% of the achievements yet, Ive actually fucked up for myself.


I played a little Batman: Arkham Asylum too and only got

Flawless Freeflow Fighter (10GS)

Complete one combat challenge without taking damage

Which is fairly easy if you are able to win a gold on any combat challenge.

Next up was You’re in the Movies, and I played a quick movie one night last week. Halfway through Rach saw me playing, and laughed at me, so I got her to play a movie too. We picked up

Make a Series (25)

Complete 5 game sessions

Beat Master (20)

Score maximum points in Dragon Boat and Funky Monkey

Cater for Most (30)

Make a movie in each of the 5 genres

All pretty basic achievements, gained while playing the game.

After playing that Rach felt like playing some more Xbox, so we loaded up Scene It. Now I’m a nightmare to play this with. I’m one of those people with vast amounts of general knowledge, and especially when it comes to movies and entertainment. I also speed read questions and often answer before other people have even finished reading the question. Plus I also get really cocky and start showing off midway through games.

Before we started Rach was slow, so I tried an online game. It’s a fairly old game, and Ive never been able to get one before. I had tried playing with Joshy Numbers from NPP, but the game doesn’t let you play with people from different countries. Luckily though, this time it loaded, but the guy quit in the first round. I played on anyway, and amazingly the achievements unlocked

It’s a LIVE (10GS)

Play an online game.

LIVE and Kicking (15GS)

Win an online game.

I wasn’t expecting to get the online achievements, so this was a bit of a Brucey Bonus. Me and Rach then played, I won and picked up

Home Rentals (20GS)

Win 10 games in any mode.

Drive-in Double Feature (20GS)

Answer 10 questions about the ’50’s.

The Darker Side of Hollywood (20GS)

Answer 30 questions about the ’70’s.

Mise-en-Scene (20GS)

Successfully answer every Now Playing or Pictogram question in one puzzle block.

That leaves me with 11 achievements in this game left, only one of which I don’t think is achievable (Win 10 online games). This play through also meant I hit my 1000th achievement since starting playing on the Xbox. Woop!

My final achievement in this period was a quick one on Lego Batman. Me and Rach play this together and I picked up

Super Builder. (20GS)

Build 50 LEGO build-its.

Nice one.

So I boosted my gamer score by 385GS, which is nice and leaves me on


For the last update I was on 42.38%, and now I stand on….


Its not much, but it’s a good start.

This week Im hoping to boost Batman : AA a little more, as I want to trade that in for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. I’ll probably play some Kung Fu Panda too this weekend, just so I can get rid of that as well.

I also have played the FIFA 10 and Pro Evo 10 demos – originally from reading previews I thought I was going to pick up both again and just play till I see which one I prefer, but the Fifa demo is much stronger, so I’m going to grab that on October 2nd and leave Pro Evo for now.

  • That Fifa unranked one seems like a pain – shoulda just asked me mate I woulda did it with you.

    Is Carcassone any good? I have it too but never really played it.

    I should buy Scene It the second one so we can have an online game – that’d be fun. Risto is brilliant at it he’d cream us both. Plus it’s an easy 1k for me.

    Congrats on 20k btw.

  • Taff

    Fifa unranked was kinda fun, Im awesome at Fifa so it was just a case of getting someone to not quit.

    Carcassone is ok but I wouldnt play it that much.

    Scene It – we cant play online – “had tried playing with Joshy Numbers from NPP, but the game doesn’t let you play with people from different countries”

  • Oh thats gay then

  • Nibbles

    Play more Batman.

    Beat my silent predator times GLINT