Taffs Xbox Achievement Challenge

360I love the Xbox. And I love achievements.

So I started a challenge for myself!

I should have never bought an X-box– the day I did was 29th December 2007. I’d had a bit of a shit night, hadn’t done anything, so decided to go out the next day and buy myself a wii. I got to the shop, went to purchase it and it was sold out. Two more shops and the same thing again. I gave my mate Michael a call, and asked him what I should do – go home, or purchase an X-Box 360.

He replied with just four words….

“Are you man enough?”

Needless to say ten minutes later I sent him a picture of me holding the Xbox.

After getting the box I was in love. I plugged it in and stuck in Call of Duty 3, and when it was loading I got a pop up letting me know I could connect to Xbox live for free for a month. What the hell I thought, I’ll give it a try, so I signed up and started a free subscription. When COD loaded, I figured it better to jump into an online game, which I would only have for a month, rather than the single player.

5 hours later I was putting the controller down as I was falling asleep. I was addicted.

I spent the next 4 days playing COD every night, online. It was awesome, but I sucked at it. I didn’t really know what I was doing at it, but it was a great laugh to just chill and make fun of the people I was shooting. I didn’t touch the single player, except to play the tutorial, at which time I picked up my first achievement (and the only one I ever ended up getting in COD 3) – Basic Training for 5gs.

After 4 nights of playing I figured I should swap over games, and play the other game I’d picked up when buying the X-box, Gears of War. It didn’t move from my box for about 4 months.

I started playing the single player on casual on the 8th of Jan, and had completed it by the 13th. I jumped up to insane difficulty on the 16th, and had completed that by the 1st of February. Along the way I gathered 570GS worth of achievements and was playing pretty much all the time online. I ended up switching games a lot, as at the time I didn’t really care about unlocking achievements. It was cool to get one pop up, then slowly the more it happened the more I cared. I started keeping hold of games after completing them to just get one or two more achievements.

Then Scotsman started up his NPP Achievement challenge (get 500GS in every game he owned) and it made me even more interested. I gave him a boost on a few games, playing with him to get co-op achievements or show him certain ways I got achievements. I’d start comparing my games to other people, trying to see what they had that I didn’t. I also started trying to keep track of certain things for achievements, or changing my play style to try and win an achievement that I may not have got otherwise.

I was again addicted, but this time to achievements.

So Ive been thinking of a way I can have something to aim for in my achievement hunting, while not making them unfun. When Scotsman was trying for 500GS in every game it sometimes made him burn out on games, and not enjoy them so much. He’d also sometimes dump games he got to 500 in as they weren’t needed anymore. I don’t really want to do that.

So Ive decided Im going to go for an average of 50% achievements in all my playing time. This means I can play a game I love for longer, and go for a higher percentage, while dumping unloved games early on.

According to True Achievements as of the 5th of this month I stood at 42.38%, which looks ok, till you realise the amount of games Ive played and got rid of without getting up to 50%

Halo 3 – 4%
COD 3 – 4%
The Orange Box – 4%
Crackdown – 7%
GRAW 2 – 12%
Command and Conquer – 9%
Fifa 07 – 9%
Burnout revenge – 11%
PES 6 – 13%
UFC – 20%
Guitar Hero 3 – 20%
Rck Band – 20%
Dead Rising – 22%
Tiger 08 – 23%
Alone in the Dark – 27%
Euro 2008 – 31%
PES 09 – 32%
Beautiful Katamari – 38%
Burnout Paradise – 44%
GTA 4 – 42%
Virtua Tennis 09 – 42%

I cant see myself really getting any of these again to boost up to the 50% mark.

The games I got rid of where I do have over 50% of the achievements are

Gears 2 – 74%
Saints Row 2 – 60%
Red Faction – 62%
PES 08 – 54%
Fallout 3 – 78%
Tiger 09 – 60%
Smackdown vs Raw 7 – 62%
COD 4 – 62%
SD vs Raw 09 – 72%
MUA – 72%
Bionic Commando – 73%
Civ Revolution – 74%
Bioshock – 90%
Spiderman Friend or Foe – 92%
Fight Night 3 – 100%!

The games I have currently stand as follows

Lego Indiana – 100% – very fun game, I still have this as Rach still wants a few achievements in it
Left 4 Dead – 98% – one achievement left and I can see myself getting it.
Fifa 09 – 81% – Theres a few hard achievements left, not sure how I’ll do with this
Batman – 72% – Will be trying to go for the 100% with this
Scene it – 69% – should be pretty easy top get to 100% just gonna take time
Rock Band 2 – 38% – Fucking pain in the arse for me to get above 50% on this I think. I play this for fun rather than achievements
Fight Night 4 – 36% – Can get to 75% I estimate. This would be most of the offline achievements
Top Spin 2 – 36% – I only still have this as I lost the box. I imagine I’d have to slog to get more in this. I remember achievement boosting for Tucho back in the day and he never returned the favour
Youre in the Movies – 16% – Sigh. This will be a pain getting achievements for due to energy.
RSV 2 – 15% – I only still have this game as I bought it on recommendation unboxed and cant trade it. I hate it.
Kung Fu Panda – 3% – came free with Lego Indiana, will probably play some more at some point.
Lego Batman – 4% – gonna be going for 100% in this
Lego Star Wars – 3% – Same here

Also have some arcade games

N+ – 100%
Dash of Destruction – 92%
Uno – 83%
Worms – 75%
Sonic 2 – 67%
Bomberman 50%
Sonic 3 – 50%
Splosian MAn – 42%
Hexic HD – 25%
Turtles Arcade 1989 – 25%
Castle Crashers – 17%
Monkey Island – 8%

So I’ll update probably every week as to what achievements Ive picked up and where I stand percentage wise. Hopefully it will go OK!

  • John McAree

    I’m going to get 100% in Left 4 Dead before you. I only have about 17k kills left to get!

  • Phevans

    You should have gone for 100% in Fallout, awesome game and not too hard to get most of the acheivements. Also can’t believe you only got 4% in the Orange Box! Portal’s worth more than that and if you haven’t completed that you haven’t lived!

    By Batman do you mean Arkham Asylum? Worth picking up?

  • Taff

    Zaphod Im definately getting the 100% before you.

    Phil – Fallout, meh wasnt a huge fan. Lots of my mates loved it but I kinda just played till I completed it. Not enough variation in enemies over such a long period of time, and playing it felt a little too geeky at times.

    I did complete portal. The Orange box has 99 achievements and only 4 of them for Portal (which are the only ones I got). I didnt really like any of the other stuff in there, and something good came out and I traded it in.

    Batman is definate pick up – it can be completed on normal in a week tho so depending on how you feel about playing extra challenges and replaying the main game on a harder difficulty then it might be a rental? I dont know, I loved the main game, will definately be trying the challenges and it on hard at least.