Taffs Xbox Achievement Challenge

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  • John McAree

    I’m going to get 100% in Left 4 Dead before you. I only have about 17k kills left to get!

  • Phevans

    You should have gone for 100% in Fallout, awesome game and not too hard to get most of the acheivements. Also can’t believe you only got 4% in the Orange Box! Portal’s worth more than that and if you haven’t completed that you haven’t lived!

    By Batman do you mean Arkham Asylum? Worth picking up?

  • Taff

    Zaphod Im definately getting the 100% before you.

    Phil – Fallout, meh wasnt a huge fan. Lots of my mates loved it but I kinda just played till I completed it. Not enough variation in enemies over such a long period of time, and playing it felt a little too geeky at times.

    I did complete portal. The Orange box has 99 achievements and only 4 of them for Portal (which are the only ones I got). I didnt really like any of the other stuff in there, and something good came out and I traded it in.

    Batman is definate pick up – it can be completed on normal in a week tho so depending on how you feel about playing extra challenges and replaying the main game on a harder difficulty then it might be a rental? I dont know, I loved the main game, will definately be trying the challenges and it on hard at least.