Why I Love Christmas – by Rach

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  • Taff

    whyd ya have to make me think of Xmas! I want it now!

  • Rach

    Ok, let’s have a pre-Christmas Christmas Day the weekend after next. I’ll cook a turkey. You can buy me lots of presents. Deal? x

  • Christmas is the fucking best. I love it for so many reasons. The first is that every day from December 1st to December 24th, I wake up at 6am, have a hot chocolate with marshmallows and watch Home Alone 1 or Home Alone 2. On Christmas Eve after everyone is gone to bed, I sneak back up, have a nice cuppa tea and watch The Snowman, greeting like a wean when it melts at the end. Then on Christmas Day I love just waking up early, and feeling the anticipation in the house knowing the kids will be up soon and having the time of their lives.

    Plus with all the snow it’s a lot easier to cover my tracks when I go out killing hookers at 2am. No-one is about at that time earlier. When you kill them during the Summer you always run into some prat having a BBQ on his deck in the middle of the night asking where you’re going with the body bag. Then you gotta kill him too and blah what a mess.