My Buddies Web-comic – Keyguard Active

7ec63346678b7d59bd19364966c66ec2A buddy of mine writes a web-comic, and this is a plug for it.

The comic is called Keyguard Active and is based around a group of friends and their lives. Its main star is considered by some to be Alan, the ponytailed unlucky in love loser, but the real star is the all action, all funny all the time guy called Mike.

And Mike is based on me. He wears a shirt with Taffy on it to prove it.

My friend WT has been writing the comic for ages now, with almost a thousand entries updated every Tuesday-Saturday. Occasionally he runs low on ideas, and asks me and I come up with bizarre ideas of what he should put int that weeks storyline. He takes my ideas, draws them up and even gives me a guest credit. Without fail it brings a smile to my face every time I check the updates, so why not check it out today.

Keyguard Active

I asked WT to draw up something based on something that came into my head during the Christening, so heres a TAFFS BLOG EXCLUSIVE!


And heres an example of the usual Keyguard Active, showing that WT takes all his ideas from me


Click it to see the full sized comic.