Taffs 360 Achievement Challenge Update 2

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  • Sad how big a disappointment Fight Night 4 was eh? I forget did you play the UFC game first? For me that was deffo part of it. However

    Good that you mentioned Fifa 10, and how going back to Fifa 09 was the balls. I was gonna rent 10 to try it out but won’t bother now if it ruins 09. I know the feeling as I have 07 and I just can’t play it.

    I was rocking at Kung Fu Panda then Mason deleted the save 🙁

    Smackdown vs RAW. lol. Wrestling. I’m glad you don’t work for me anymore because I wouldn’t want ANY of my independent contractors spending their pay on that shit.

    Are you getting L4D 2? If so we should play L4D 1 before you trade it in. I need you to basically guide me through it as before.

    Sup Rach.

  • Taff

    Yeah I played UFC first but remember I didnt really like that. I dont know what it is about FN, maybe because the controls that are supposed to give you more control actually feel like they give less control?

    Yeah dont get 10 if you want to play 9, it will ruin it. Its so fucking sexy though, played a load of matches online again last night, including scoring 4 goals in a 5-3 win when playing upfront for the SA team.

    Kung Fu Pandas ok, but the achievements are all for 100% so I did have to sit there sometimes with a guide 🙁 oh and the level where you play as a bird flying and have to hit all the other birds was a bitch to beat.

    The wrestling game is actually quite fun. Better than 09.

    Definately getting L4D2 on release day (think its the 20th). Yeah can guide you through, I still need 1 last achievement for the 1000. Im on 40,000 of 54,000 kills. There are some extra achievements for the DLC, but they’re all glitchy and a bit boring. The demo for the new game is sweet, rather than having panic events where you can back into a corner and stay there till it passes you have to keep moving, so like the one in the demo is you set off an alarm and have to race to turn it off.