Taffs 360 Achievement Challenge – Update 2

360Stealthily I remove the word Week from the title in order to maintain some semblence of belief that I may update this regulary. Huzzah!

Since the last update Ive done a lot of gaming. Obviously. Since its been such a long time 🙁


Lego Batman – I picked up another load of achievements. Nice Outfit! (20GS) and Unbreakable (30GS) for collecting all the Batman and Robin suits, and going a level without dying. Super Hero (25GS) for completing the second episode, Shot to the Goon (20GS) for killing 8 goons in 8 secons (Rach actually got this one before me and I got really mad and jealous) and Kill-a-Moth (20GS) for defeating Killer Moth. Its a pity me and Rach have played this after Lego Indiana, because you really notice how flawwed the game is compared to that. Its even worse when you go back to Lego Star Wars, which we really arent playing now. Its also fustrating that Rach isnt getting some of the achievements I get – despite us always playing together, her signing in before we put in the game,she isnt always getting recognised for things like completing an episode. She’s got quite into achievements, so its a bit annoying. Im currently on 175/1000GS

Since I wanted to trade in Lego Indiana I had to pick up some achievements in Kung Fu Panda. Its not something I would have normally played but it came in a two pack free with Indy, so its worth a go.


Kung Fu Panda – Picked up Fastest Warrior (30GS) Obtain a Hit Chain of 10 or higher using only Fast Attacks, Awesomely Awesome (20GS) Defeat 250 Enemies, Panda Stumble Warrior (20GS) Obtain a Hit Chain of 5 or higher using only Panda Stumble. Strongest Warrior (20GS) Obtain a Hit Chain of 5 or higher using only Strong Attacks, Kung Fu Warrior (20GS) Obtain a Hit Chain of 15 or higher using any combination of attacks, Panda Stumble Extreme (20GS) Panda Stumble for 60 Seconds. Forced Stumble doesn’t count.

I also got 160GS over 13 achievements for completing levels 1-13 100%, which also allowed me to get Game Completed – Master (20 GS) Complete the entire game on the Master Difficulty setting, Master Of All (30 GS) Unlock Everything, and Ultimate Dragon Warrior (30 GS) Purchase All Upgrades. Overall its an ok game but not really my cup of tea. I ended on 490/1000 and took it to trade in.

Buuuuut, of course as I am about to trade it in for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, I’m told I cant as its non tradable. Despite the fact that they have 2 identical copies on their shelf. Cunts. If anyone wants Lego Indiana and Kung Fu Panda for the 360 let me know. I ended up picking up Marvel anyway.


Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Me and Rach were again playing this one together, and it was kinda fun, though at times you really cant see whats going on. Some of the enemies are shaded a very similar colour to your heroes, and rather than being bright vibrant colours like a comic, theyve gone for gritty realistic dark colours. Its kinda annoying at times, especially when I realise I’m trying to attack my team mates.So far I picked up – Trivia Buff (10GS) Correctly answer 15 Trivia questions. Coalition of the Willing (20GS) Crash a castle. Rookie Squad (10GS) Complete a map in Co-Op. Tactical Training (10GS) Perform all 5 recommended training Fusions in Latveria. Heroes Unite (10GS)Perform 10 Fusions with another player-controlled hero in a Co-Op game. Sim Team Up (5GS)Earn Mission Succeeded on a Simulator Mission in Co-Op and return to the Simulator menu. Uncontained aggression (15GS) – You or other players on your team must destroy 250 health containers. Oceans no longer protect us (20GS) – Protect a city.

The fusion stuff was really fun at first, but the more you play the more limited they seem – Juggernaught for example always seems to fusion with people by picking up a rock that they either charge with purple stuff, or fire, or ice, or magic which he then slams at the enemy. I actually believe the last game was probably a bit better than this.

As much as I want to get on with boosting achievements I cant resist buying new games, especially as theres some awesome ones coming out. Next up is a game that I went to Asda at 11pm for, and queued up for 2 hours, just because it was 25 quid rather than 40.


Fifa 10 – Jesus christ, this game is awesome. Theyve really taken football games to the next level with the new 360 degrees of dribbling. It doesnt seem that major at first, but after a few games I switched back to Fifa 09 to try and pick up a last few achievements in it, and couldnt because the game was too awkward and I didnt feel fully in control. One of the big new features is a virtual proThis is an expansion of the Be A Pro mode introduced in the last game. Basically you make your own player, using EA sports website to upload pictures to base him on you if you need to, pick his team, position and things like gloves or shirt sleeve lengths, then he’s in the game. So my guy is a Man Utd central attacking midfielder, and if I play as Man Utd in an exhibition match he’s there in the squad. Or I could go play Manager mode, and draft him into my team, whoever Im playing as.

Not only do you decide how he looks, but you also level him up by playing. To do this just get him to do certain tasks in a match, such as score a free kick, or score a finesse shot.

fifa 10 accomplishment list

The best thing about the Virtual Pro thing is that you can take your Pro into an online club. I created one for the Something Awful forum, and so many people joined we’ve actually had to start a second club. Ive been playing this most nights, with a load of people from there. Its so awesome, you either pick a position to play in, or play as any man. We’ve got to the point now where we almost have set positions, and know the kind of runs each other make.

On to the achievements, I got quite a few so you may want to skip this next paragraph

Top of the League (10GS) Win a match in a Friends League, Team Player (25GS) Play a Pro Club Championship match as a full team (10 players) Skilled Pro (25GS) Unlock 100 EA SPORTSâ„¢ Football World Accomplishments with your Virtual Pro , Camera Man (10GS) Upload a video to EA SPORTSâ„¢ Football World Still Practicing (10GS) Score 20 goals in 1 Arena kick-about Good Friend (25GS) Create a goal for a Friend with a cross, A Star Is Born (10GS) Create a Virtual Pro, Off the Woodwork (15) Score off the post or cross bar in a match Shooting Boots (5) Score 5 goals in 1 Arena kick-about Practice Makes Perfect (10) Work on your skills in Practice Mode, Window shopping (5GS) Visit the FIFA 10 Store FIFA Fever (5) Catch the Fever by beating someone on Xbox LIVE who already has it Grind it Out (10GS) Win a match with 10 men on Xbox LIVE or when playing on Professional difficulty or higher Theatre of Dreams (10GS) Upgrade your Stadium Manager to Level 10 Recognise Anyone? (5GS) Download your Club member Game Faces from EA SPORTSâ„¢ Football World Looking Good (10GS) Download your Game Face from EA SPORTSâ„¢ Football World.

I did get two more – Hard Earned Win (10GS) Beat a 5 Star team with a ½ Star team on Xbox LIVE or against Professional difficulty or higher Underdog (20GS) Win an Xbox LIVE Head to Head Ranked match using a weaker team than your opponent – these two are the only ones I’ve actually tried to get and were a pain in the arse. It took me 3 games, playing as 1/2 star Accrington every match. 1st match I play the other guy chooses Chelsea and I go 2-0 up, and the guy brings it back to 2-2 with 2 shots on target all match. I go 3-2 up and he equalises with his third shot on target. Cunt. 2nd match I’m playing Chelsea again, go 1-0 down, bring it back to 1-1 then take the lead and go 3-1 up. He scores in the 90th minute to make it 3-2 to me, so from kick off I play it to the wing then play a long ball to my keeper to time waste. The keeper side steps the ball and it goes fucking in for 3-3 again. Thankfully 3rd match I cruise to a 4-2 win.

Quite a few achievements there, eh? Its a decent game for achievements, and theres quite a few for me to still get. Ive also dropped 800 Microsoft points on Live Season – an update which means I can take over a club, and compare the results I get to the results they got in real life. So I could take Man Utd, and before the match it’d tell me what the result was, who got booked, and then compare my performance to the real life one. Im currently on 220/1000GS on this game.

After Fifa I wasnt expecting to get any more games, but decided to rent WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2010. Stupidly as it turns out, cause I then found out Asda had that for £25 too, so ended up buying it just after renting it. Doh.


Smackdown Vs Raw 2010 – Its a decent enough game but a bit easy to get the hang of. I like it enough to keep it for a while tho. I got the following achievements

Ahead of the Pack (50GS) Win as tentative Champion from start to end in CHAMPIONSHIP SCRAMBLE, A Grappling Machine (20GS) In one match, perform all 16 STRONG GRAPPLE moves on your opponent (single player only) Created Superstar Story (20GS) Complete the CREATE A SUPERSTAR story in ROAD TO WRESTLEMANIA mode, Finisher of the Year Candidate (20GS) Create a dive finisher, in Create A Finisher mode, and use it in a match (single player only), HBK Story (20GS) Complete HBK’s Road to Wrestlemania, New Superstar Initiative (15GS) – Create a superstar

I love the create a superstar crap, and its been expanded to create a finisher (normal or arial), create an entrance, and create a storyline. I havent had a play around with the latter yet, but I’m sure it will be fun.I do like the create a superstar stuff tho…

Finally I was off sick today so I did some achievement boosting on a game


Fight Night 4 – I am kinda disappointed in this game. Fight Night 3 was epic, and while it seems to have improved I just havent loved it like I have the last one. I ended up boosting it a bit today by lowering the computers reactions, making it easy to get some of the harder achievements.

Ecko Trunk Challenge (15GS) Beat CPU Miguel Cotto in Fight Now on Pro, Man Up Manny (15GS) Beat CPU Manny Pacquiao in Fight Now on Champion, Flyswatter (60GS) Beat CPU Muhammad Ali on G.O.A.T. using a created boxer in Fight Now, King of The Rope-a-Dope (40GS) Beat CPU Muhammad Ali in Fight Now on G.O.A.T, David and Goliath (40GS) Beat CPU Mike Tyson in Fight Now on G.O.A.T., My Style Is Impetuous (60GS) Beat CPU Mike Tyson on G.O.A.T. using a created boxer in Fight Now

Wasnt that fun to play. Most of the offline achievements left now are to do with the legend mode, which Ive started going through.

So that was the period up till about 5pm on the 28th. Where do I stand now?


So thats up 1495 from last time I updated. Not too shabby.

For the last update I was on 43.31%, and now I stand on….


Wow, it went up even though I got a couple of new games. Nice!

From now I’ll be mainly playing Fifa 10, Smackdown or the new Left 4 Dead 2 demo. Jesus, I cant wait till that game comes out.

  • Sad how big a disappointment Fight Night 4 was eh? I forget did you play the UFC game first? For me that was deffo part of it. However

    Good that you mentioned Fifa 10, and how going back to Fifa 09 was the balls. I was gonna rent 10 to try it out but won’t bother now if it ruins 09. I know the feeling as I have 07 and I just can’t play it.

    I was rocking at Kung Fu Panda then Mason deleted the save 🙁

    Smackdown vs RAW. lol. Wrestling. I’m glad you don’t work for me anymore because I wouldn’t want ANY of my independent contractors spending their pay on that shit.

    Are you getting L4D 2? If so we should play L4D 1 before you trade it in. I need you to basically guide me through it as before.

    Sup Rach.

  • Taff

    Yeah I played UFC first but remember I didnt really like that. I dont know what it is about FN, maybe because the controls that are supposed to give you more control actually feel like they give less control?

    Yeah dont get 10 if you want to play 9, it will ruin it. Its so fucking sexy though, played a load of matches online again last night, including scoring 4 goals in a 5-3 win when playing upfront for the SA team.

    Kung Fu Pandas ok, but the achievements are all for 100% so I did have to sit there sometimes with a guide 🙁 oh and the level where you play as a bird flying and have to hit all the other birds was a bitch to beat.

    The wrestling game is actually quite fun. Better than 09.

    Definately getting L4D2 on release day (think its the 20th). Yeah can guide you through, I still need 1 last achievement for the 1000. Im on 40,000 of 54,000 kills. There are some extra achievements for the DLC, but they’re all glitchy and a bit boring. The demo for the new game is sweet, rather than having panic events where you can back into a corner and stay there till it passes you have to keep moving, so like the one in the demo is you set off an alarm and have to race to turn it off.