Taffs Top TV Show Characters : Vic Mackey

Vic_MackeyWhile most of my top TV show characters will end up being comedy characters, there is one exception. A man so immense, so tough, so corrupt, so fucking awesome.

Vic Mackey.

If youve never watched the Shield then dont just sit there, go now and buy series 1-7 of it right now by clicking this link.

Got it? Watch it.

I’m right arent I? Vic is awesome.

Caution : The rest of this article may include spoilers.

As much as I love The Shield I know that some of you may not have gone and bought the show and watched and loved it like I did.

The Shield was a show about an anti drug unit set up in an LA police department. It wasn’t afraid to show cops as corrrupt, or using violence to bring criminals to justice, or indeed helping those criminals. The new drug unit was known as the “Strike Team”, and they were led by the aforementioned Vic Mackey. As well as the Strike Team the show also explored other members of the force, the local drug dealers, politicians, but its main focus and main star was Mr Mackey.

The Shield is without question my favourite TV show ever, and was full of some great characters, but Vic was always the one that shined above them from the very first episode where he shoots a fellow cop who was about to expose his corrupt ways.

It should be noted that although Vic is a completely corrupt bastard through the show, he’s also a really awesome cop who always gets his man

Yes, he tackled him through a fucking fence.

And when he’s not tackling people througha fence? He’s fucking up drug dealers faces

Or smacking down hookers who wont do what they’re told

Or using ingenious ways to get evidence from suspects

Or “creating diversions” during police shoot outs

Vic gets his comeuppance in the show, and its fucking awesome. In the final season with his relationship with Shane ruined, and his whole corrupt past about to be exposed then Vic makes a deal with ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) to get himself immunity in return for helping capture a big drug cartel leader.  He desperately tries to get immunity for his Strike Team partner Ronnie, but as time runs out he has to take the deal just for himself, selling Ronnie up the river in order to try and save his wife who he’s worried may be arrested. Little did he know that his wife had allready sold him out and was trying to seal a case on him for some other cops. As part of the deal he has to confess to all the crimes he may have commited. What followed was one of the most tension filled gripping moments in TV

“Do you have any idea what youve done to me”

“Ive done worse”

Superb acting by Michael Chiklis there. Its amazing seeing this mans whole world crumble around him, and ICE suddenly realise what kind of man they are dealing with here. You also get Dutch and Claudette bursting in, realising they are just too late to nail Vic.

The bust goes down as planned, but straight after Ronnie is arrested, and Vic loses his only friend due to stabbing him in the back. He then finds out his wife has left him, with their kids, into a witness protection programme. Vic has full immunity, but his new employers arent going to let him get away with all his crimes and cage the beast, the man at home on the streets by giving him a job in a small dank office.

Does he go off to kill himself? Can he take life in a office? He has no friends, no family, no aquaintances to help bail him out, no power over the criminals he used to be able to threaten with his badge.  This is Vic Mackeys living hell. And the end of the greatest cop ever.

  • Noah

    Indeed The Shield is the most awsome show ever on TV.
    Yeah Vic Mackey is the coolest characther of all time and in a weird way you can relate to him too. He does pretty dumb but smart shit to get what he wants, he takes short cut’s and I think that’s a lesson we all should learn is that the shortest way is’t allways the best way.

  • Taff

    Definately my favourite of all time.

    I wish I was as cool as Vic.