This Weekend I Mostly Watched TV

I caught up with a few shows and movies on the weekend and thought I’d throw out some thoughts

Rach was at home and usually this means some heavy Xboxing, but I had a few chores to do so ended up watching a lot of shows while cleaning, then watched some more when chilling.

Dexter – Eh, caught up with the first few episodes and while the 1st was exciting its gone a bit boring since. Inevitable confrontation of Dexter vs John Lithgow doesnt excite me.

Flash Forward – Its getting compared to Lost by a lot of people and I can see why. Lots of questions and not too many answers, but just enough to hook you in. It seems retarded to me though that theres 1 person who saw their future as effected by the blackout yet everyone elses doesnt seem to be – if it was me I’d be six months in the future counting down to it.

Adventureland – Decided to stick a movie on and chose this, and damn it was boring. Angsty teen comedy with a Michael Cera clone. BORING. Switched it off after 40 minutes and read what happens on wikipedia, sounds like I made a good decision.

Bear Grylls – I love this kind of rubbish. So obviously staged at times, but the mans awesome

The Office – Jim and Pams wedding made me cry. Im such a poof

How I Met Your Mother – Such an awesome show. Started watching this with Rach on the reccomendation of Scotsman. At first Rach didnt like it, we watched a few together and she found it boring so I started watching on on my own, then she got back into it and loves it again. We’re just starting season 4 and should be caught up in no time. Its Legen… wait for it…. DARY.

Thinking of writing some stuff on my fave TV show characters, but Im so busy lately 🙁

  • HIMYM hasn’t skipped a beat. This season has been mostly home runs so far.