Screw you Heroes

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  • John McAree

    Heroes is really bad, even the first season was pretty dumb but the second was just over-the-top ridiculous. I gave up on it a few episodes into Season 3. All the characters had just become completely unlikable and ridiculously stupid (Hey lets all trust Mrs. Petrelli even though she’s an evil bitch).

    Also the constant rip-offs of X-Men stories was really grating.

  • Taff

    Everything rips off everything else in some way

    I want Heroes to be good though. Theres a show just started on E4 about some british kids with super powers but it looks crap.

  • Rach

    I want Hero’s to carry on being crap so I don’t have to put up with watching it. I know I watch some rubbish (Keeping Up With The Kardasians is the exception because it’s a fantastic piece of television) but nothing compares with how painful it is to sit through 45 minutes of Hayden Panettiere.

    Flash Forward has lost it for me too. Lie to Me ftw.

  • Taff


    Apparently I hear on the grapevine (from Carrie from the Chris Moyles Show) that Flashforward was really good this week.

    Lie to me is rubbish. ooo hes lying, ooo hes telling the truth… SHUT UP

  • MH

    Know what I like? Emmerdale. You should watch that, that Sally Spode is a better supervillain than anything from Heroes.