Screw you Heroes

heroes_title_cardWhen I watch a tv show, I invest time in it. Its difficult to get committed to shows, and I avoid starting watching some stuff because I know I’ll feel a need to keep watching.

So screw you Heroes

I love watching American TV shows, especially as I can watch them at a more leisurely pace. I can chill and watch them on the computer, on the TV when bored, or stream them on the laptop in bed.

When I start watching something, I’ll often carrying on watching it till the end. Usually this is a good thing, 7 seasons of the Shield being a great example. Ive also just started watching the Wire, and although it started a little slower than I expected I’m looking forward to cruising through that. I did have Dollhouse to watch, but just deleted that upon finding out the show was cancelled. Sopranos is ready to watch, and I also got my hands on a load of Louis Theroux episodes to rewatch.

However in some cases you just get sick of a show. Take Prison Break, I loved season 1, it was cheesy as hell but pretty epic. Season 2 was fun as well, I possibly even liked this a little more than 1. Season 3 it went massively downhill, I never got into the corruption storyline, and it felt like a slog to watch. When the writers strike caused the show to stop I just stopped watching. Ive read up on what happens in the last few episodes and I’m not sure any of it makes sense.

So that brings me to Heroes. I loved this show at the start, a cheesy romp with super heroes. I love anything with a bit of cheese to it, like the early Prison Break, or Lost. Then slowly it seemed certain characters were a little overpowered. Peter could take anyones power by touch. Sylar can take anyones power that he kills. Hiro can go back and forward in time and change the past or future. I was willing to let this go though, because the show was fun.

But too many times a storyline has been dropped. What the hell happened to Peters girlfriend who was the love of his life who got trapped in the future? They changed the past so that future doesnt happen, does she just cease to exist? Why doesnt Hiro just go back and stop Mohinder from going to the carnival and letting it slip to ? Oh yeah, thats it, Hiros power has been gimped by giving him a disease that means he cant fully control his power, but wait, in tonights episode he went back in time too short a distance, so went back a furthur 10 minutes, stopped time to get a kevlar vest, then stopped time to put Mohinder in a mental hospital (which also makes no sense).

Seriously Heroes, I’m starting to not enjoy watching you. And being 6 episodes into season 1 of the Wire, with Sopranos also ready to watch this is not a good thing for you.

(but please be good, I want to love you)

PS. Flash Forward you need to buck up too, I liked the premise but youve gone downhill.

  • John McAree

    Heroes is really bad, even the first season was pretty dumb but the second was just over-the-top ridiculous. I gave up on it a few episodes into Season 3. All the characters had just become completely unlikable and ridiculously stupid (Hey lets all trust Mrs. Petrelli even though she’s an evil bitch).

    Also the constant rip-offs of X-Men stories was really grating.

  • Taff

    Everything rips off everything else in some way

    I want Heroes to be good though. Theres a show just started on E4 about some british kids with super powers but it looks crap.

  • Rach

    I want Hero’s to carry on being crap so I don’t have to put up with watching it. I know I watch some rubbish (Keeping Up With The Kardasians is the exception because it’s a fantastic piece of television) but nothing compares with how painful it is to sit through 45 minutes of Hayden Panettiere.

    Flash Forward has lost it for me too. Lie to Me ftw.

  • Taff


    Apparently I hear on the grapevine (from Carrie from the Chris Moyles Show) that Flashforward was really good this week.

    Lie to me is rubbish. ooo hes lying, ooo hes telling the truth… SHUT UP

  • MH

    Know what I like? Emmerdale. You should watch that, that Sally Spode is a better supervillain than anything from Heroes.