Taffs Top TV Show Characters : Alan Partridge

alan_partridgeOne of the things I love is injokes, you know, those things where you look at one of your mates, drop a line and both of you end up laughing. It can be as simple as “SORRY CAPS LOCK ON WAS DOING GOLF TIPS” or a classic line from a tv show character.

And Alan Partridge has a ton of them.

Partridge is a classic TV show character. He’s a socially useless idiot who lucked into a bit of fame, which he then lost and struggled to get back.

He was created by Steve Coogan for a radio show “On the Hour” where he was the sports reporter, despite knowing nothing about sport. Shortly after he got his own radio show, “Knowing Me, Knowing You, with Alan Partridge”, a spoof chat show which featured him taking coke, hit a child, lose his wifes car in a bet, and one of his guests having a heart attack. Partridge then made the transition to TV again as a sports reporter, this time for The Day Today

With Alan proving a success on TV, it was decided to bring his chat show to TV too. Knowing Me, Knowing You.

In the sixth episode Partridge accidently shot one of his guests, and the show went off the air with him being arrested.

Despite this Partridge came back for a xmas special, “Knowing Me, Knowing Yule” where he plugged various products and made several failed attempted to get a BBC Executive to give him a second series, before punching him in the face. Twice.

Partridge did end up coming back to TV, in “I’m Alan Partridge”, a kind of documentary type sitcom about the man. Alans life is at its lowest, hosting a late night radio show on BBC Radio Norwich, left by his wife, and living in a travel tavern.

He tries to get back his chat show by meeting with a BBC commisioning blokey

And fails. Smell my cheese you mother. So he’s stuck with his shitty radio show

And trying to make friends by dressing as a zombie

And chatting about music

The only friend he really makes is the Geordie repair man, Michael.

Which leads to him creating a new drink

In the final episode of the 1st series, Tony Hayres dies, and is replaced by one of Alans old buddies. He offers Alan a second series, but as he’s about to sign Alan up to it he suffers a heart attack. Alan tries forging the signature.

The second series of I’m Alan Partridge saw him out of the hotel and into a static caravan next to his new home, named “Lord House”. We learn that Alan took the loss of his TV show badly, and had suffered drastically with his weight.

Despite this he’s managed to get a new slot on the radio and written a book about him “Bouncing Back” (even though all the evidence points to him not bouncing back at all)

He also gets fustrated when people “keep getting Bond wrong”!

After the second series, he made only a few other appearences on ~TV, my favourite being this interview with the now much older Milky Bar Kid (played by Simon Pegg)

Epicly quotable, with some classic comedy scenes, Partridge is a true legend and one of my top TV show characters. Go check it out, theres like a million more scenes I could have put in here.