Taffs 360 Achievement Challenge – Update 3

360Its been one of those times between updates, Ive done fairly well in boosting my gamer score, but also messed up.

Plus my website I use for achievement tracking isnt showing some achievements properly. Ugh.

Fifa 10
Was on – 220
Now on – 270 (19 of 44 achievements)

Jesus, for how much Ive played thats shockingly low. The big problem is I am addicted to online team play. The other big problem is the team I platy for has some unbelievably shit players and Im considering looking for another team. I’ll be playing this for a long time so will defintely be racking up some points.

legobatmanLego Batman
Was on – 175
Now on – 495 (22 of 46 achievements)

Now standing at just off 50% of the in game achievements. Ive completed the story mode with Rach so now just have to go through and collect all the minikits. Its a fun game and I can see me hitting 100% in the next few weeks.

Fight Night Round 4Fight Night Round 4
Was on 455
Now on 790 (26 out of 30 achievements)

I ended up going on a mad boosting session for this, taking my created boxer through the career mode and picking up all the available online achievements. I didnt enjoy this one and traded it in straight after I’d done that.

wwe_smackdown_raw_2010_boxSmackdown vs Raw 2010
Was on 145
Now on 850 (23 of 25 achievements)

I traded this one in too, despite saying Id keep hold of it for a while. Im a bit sad to have traded it actually, I really enjoyed it and despite a lot of shit it got from “fans” I thought it was a top game. But I was going to pick up Left 4 Dead, and they were offering £25 exchange for SDvsR10, which is more than you can buy the game for these days. I’ll probably pick up a used copy in a few weeks.

Sonic 3
Was on 70
Now on 200 (12 of 12 achievements)

Was feeling a little nostalgic, so took on this. Great fun, and really took me back. I wasnt as familiar with this game as I was Sonic 2 though, which I took on next..

Sonic 2
Was on 155
Now on 190 (11 of 12 achievements)

One left to get on this but its an online one which I wont bother with. This really took me back, its amazing how I knew each level off by heart. Cracking little game.

1 vs 100
New Game!
Now on 80 (6 of 12 achievements)

I like the 1 vs 100 beta they did so had a go at the new full game, and suprisingly they added free acheivements. Managed to pick up half of them pretty easily, not had a proper look at the rest yet and I dont really play this too much, so I cant see any more coming in.

codmw2Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
New game!
Now on – 485 (25 of 50 achievements)

I wasnt going to pick this up, but ended up buying it on a whim. Ive played about half the story, a fair bit online and been through all the Special Ops on Veteran with a buddy. Jesus, some of those are a bitch. Its a decent enough game and a lot of my buddies have 1000 on it allready, but I dont have the patience to go through the vetran mode on single player.

New Game!
Now on – 490 (19 of 49 acheivements)

Picked this up for Rach and have been playing it a little. Its a fun kareoke game but little things annoy me. Like we have Lips, and the lips extension disk Number 1 hits. We had number 1 hits first, and played that fine, then went to play the older game. But it showed no songs. WTF. Turns out we have to play it through the new game, but swap disks whenever we want to play a song from the old game. Even if we set up a playlist of like 3-4 songs from the old disk it makes us swap disks between each song. So retarded, and as a result we tend to only play from the newer disk.

LEGO-STAR-WARSLego Star Wars – Complete Saga
Was on – 20
Now on – 240 (12 of 42)

ARGGHHH FUCK THIS GAME. Gonna have to play it through 4 times to get the 100% and havent even finished my first playthrough yet. So fustrating. Rach refuses to play this with me now as its camera is shit and the game just isnt as good as the newer games.

left4dead2Left 4 Dead 2
Now on – 280 (16 achievements out of 50 won)

Havent played this enough. The servers for the game are totally fucked and kick me out of games, even when it says my connection is great. Ive got a bunch of achieves allready, but will get more. Its a great game being ruined by bad servers.

vivapiniataViva Pinata: Trouble In Paradise
Now on 440 (26 of 50 achievements)

ARGHHH FUCK THIS GAME EVEN MORE. Sent to me by a buddy for Rach, so I decided to have a quick go and stupidly picked up an achievement. This meant I had to play it, because now it would be ruining my percentage. Luckily I found you can cheat by scanning stuff with your camera by looking it up online so sat round for a few hours scanning shit till I got above 50%. Fuck you piniata.

I also picked up single achievements on Scene it, and two from Top Spin (lost the case so cant trade it in and now on 6/11)

So with over a month since an update where do I stand. I was on 21905 and 43.58%. But Ive got a few new games and managed to get some high achievement scores in some game Ive had for a while

So Im now on



Almost 4 k in a month. Lovely stuff. And the percentage?

46.36 FUCK YES.