Taffy & Ayresy @ Man Utd vs Spurs!

Photo712Was offered tickets for the Man Utd vs Spurs match at Old Trafford, Carling cup quarter finals.

Heres some pics!

It was absolutely freezing, we walked up and followed my pre match tradition of having fish and chips. I had curry sauce, and Rach only wanted chips – is it only Welsh people who like curry sauce?

We met up with someone I had to give some tickets to pre match, and he said “enjoy the prawn sandwiches” as we were sitting in the exec area. This made Rach think we got free food, unfortunately not her silliest comment of the night.

We did get a free program as we walked through the fancy exec area, and Rach prepared herself for the cold


The match itself, well Spurs battered us in the 1st half, but somehow we came into half time 2-0 up, thanks to two fantastic goals from Darron Gibson. We had pretty awesome seats with arm rests and cushions almost on the halfway line!


Rach was more excited though that at half time in the exec seats we got free tea and coffee. We warmed up, then afterwards went back for the second half. About 15 minutes in I realised I wasnt talking too much, turned to Rach to check if she was bored to be greeted by this


Oh Ayresy.

On the pitch we ran out the 2-0 win easily, me enjoying every minute


After the match we wandered home. A good night!

  • Ignore my previous comment about it being all about the mayo, clearly it’s all about the curry sauce. And I’m not even Welsh!

  • Rach

    Curry sauce on chips is all wrong. Gravy ftw!