Behind the scenes of the Kick Ass Review!

As you’ll have seen from the last entry, I went to see Kick Ass tonight, at a press screening in Manchester Printworks.

It was awesome.

We turned up semi late, and were worried we would have missed getting in there, but luckily there was a queue so no one had gone in yet. Theyd even set up a red carpet and there were a load of press photographers there. Exciting!

We were a little far back, and I saw some people getting photographed and sent Rach to look, but she didnt recognise anyone. The queue started to move slowly, as I started to get worried that they over allocated tickets and we wouldnt get in. It slowed down, and slower and slower, till there were just 8 people between us and the front. And the line had stopped

For 10 minutes we stood there, while they checked how much space was there. A few people walk up with names on the guest list as we stood there impatiently. Then they let in 2 people. Then another 4. Then the two in front of us.

Then us.

Then they stop the person behind us and say “Sorry, we’re full”


We got in and theres free popcorn on the seats. Double kick ass! They tell us to turn off our phones as theres going to be a special interview before the film, and any recording equipment or phones have to be off or they’ll interfere with the mics. Then they introduce two of the stars to do a quick Q+A session. The dude who plays Kick Ass (Aaron Johnson) and mother fucking McLovin (Christopher Mintz-Plasse).

This fucking rules.

McLovin is on top form, while other dude is a bit of a mumbler, almost Beckham esque with the amount of “you knows” and “umms” he drops into a sentance. They’re asked if Brad Pitt was on set much to which McLovin replies “Pitt doesnt give a fuck about us”. After a few more dumb questions and hints at a sequel they go off to eat having “seen the movie enough allready”

The movie fucking ruled, and I can see this being a great little series. And hopefully I can go to more previews in the future!