Kick Ass – review (contains spoilers)

Kick AssWith the popularity of comic books at a high, why has no one ever gone and bought a costume and gone out and tried to fight crime? Thats the question posed by the latest super hero film to hit cinemas. But how does Kick Ass shape up compared to its movie rivals?

It Kicks Fucking Ass.

Super hero films have become a little too serious in recent years. The Batman series has made heroes moodier, darker, more mysterious. Less fun. Kick Ass is a film that puts the fun back into super hero films. Its what Spiderman could have been if Quentin Tarrantino got his hands on it.

One of the big worries about a super hero film is that you’re going to get bogged down in a long background setup story, but the story of how young comic book fan Dave Lizewski (Aaron Johnson) becomes Kick Ass is pretty simple – its not about revenge, its not about dead parents, its about a kid who wants to be a hero.

“Fuck it. Im getting the Bazooka.”

Johnson is fine as Kick Ass, though does seem to be constantly doing his best Tobey McGuire as Peter Parker voice. He’s not the only one who seems to be doing an impression, as Nick Cage in the role that he as a comic book fan himself has been waiting for, does his best Adam West impression complete with short sentences… with pauses… in random places.

Cage plays Big Daddy, a hero who operates in the underworld and holds more than a passing resemblance to Batman. He’s after revenge on the man who ruined his life, with the backstory of this being shown in a neat 3D comic book sequence. Big Daddy is ably assisted by his daughter, Hit Girl

Hit Girl is the star of the film. You may be walking in to see Kick Ass, but you’ll be walking in talking about the performance of 11 year old Chloe Moretz. She’s a miniature ass kicking machine who racks up the biggest kill count in the film (including a great part thats shot almost first person shooter style) while swearing like a trucker.

Kick Ass – “How do I get a hold of you”

Hit Girl – “You just contact the mayor, he has a special signal he shines into the sky in the shape of a giant cock”

Hit Girl is amazing and Im shocked that the Daily Mail haven’t had a field day with her antics yet. Her relationship with Big Daddy is genuinely moving, and Moretz plays the role superbly. She’s like a miniature version of Uma Thurman in Kill Bill, though in a fight my money would be on Hit Girl.

Also popping up is McLovin himself, Christopher Mintz-Plass is again on good form as the nerd son of the crime boss, who gets to live out his fantasy and become a super “hero” himself. I don’t think Mintz-Plass will ever get away from McLovin, but this role is one that could become just as iconic over a film series, if it seems thats inevitable for such a strong first film.

Theres a love story that runs parallel to the main story that isn’t as strong as the rest of the film, but still provides a fair amount of laughs as the geek tries to get the girl. Even though she thinks hes gay.

Hit Girl – “Okay you cunts… lets see what you can do”

A great cast, a breakout performance from Moretz, and a number of moments that made me give tiny fistpumps in my seat. Kick Ass is the action film of 2010, and is a must see for anyone, comic book nerd or not.

5 Star Classic!

  • Robert Kilroy Silk

    I hate Nicolas Cage. Did you prefer Batman when it got daft with Arnie and Clooney in it then?