Running Man

Yeah an update, what about it?

At Christmas I decided that the time was right to start running again. I do this every few months, get myself motivated and ready, and planned it out.

And then dont bother.

Early January I looked up the Couch to 5k guide. Its been reccomended me by a few people, but I’d always been put off by how overly simple it seems. I mean, Im a guy who used to be a champion triathlete.

(over a decade and a lot less inches on the waist ago now)

So I decided to stop being such a dick and printed it out. Then unhappy with the way it looked I resized it, reprinted it in colour, and printed it again. Then I still wasnt happy, so I redid it, putting in which days of the week I’d do the training, making sure the columns were all the right size.

Anything to stop actually training.

By the time I was happy with it, and had it printed out, it started to snow. So I couldnt train again. YES!!!

By the time it stopped snowing, I wasnt in the mood. Then 2 weeks ago we were in the Nike Outlet store, and I bought me and Rach new running trainers for less than£50 total. So now, we had to start running.

Fast forward to this morning tho, and we still hadnt started. I woke up at around 11 and thought fuck it. Time to run.

So I consulted the plan online (my printouts gone walk about) and the idea was

“Brisk five-minute warmup walk. Then alternate 60 seconds of jogging and 90 seconds of walking for a total of 20 minutes.”

Piece of piss eh?

So we start walking to a park round the corner. Easy so far. Get in the park and start running, and immediately hit a hill. Oh well only 60 seconds, easy. We did circuits of the park, and after only our third running 60 seconds I was panting more than Tiger Woods in bed with a porn star.

When we hit the 15 minute mark I started to get confused, were we meant to do 20 minutes total including the warm up, or 20minutes plus the warm up.  The easy thing would have been to say the first option, but we said balls to that, and did a full 20 minutes of the run walk cycle, then an extra one for luck, then walked the five minutes home.

So I have to carry this on for 2 more times this week, for 9 weeks total.

How long before I quit?

  • Robert Kilroy Silk

    I’ll give it a week….

  • Robert Kilroy Silk

    two days