The best iPhone Apps (well, my favourites)

Since I got the iPhone I get a lot of questions from mates asking which apps they should get, so I decided to write up a quick guide that I can stick here for reference.

Price – 59p
You can use this to send free text messages, even internationally if the other person also has Whats App. This application is also available for blackberry users, so you can also send texts to friends who buy it on that. For iPhone to iPhone messages you can also send pictures and videos for free to other users. I mainly use this to text a couple of international friends, as I have enough texts a month to send to Uk mates.

Around Me
Price – Free
Helps you find places around you such as bars, resteraunts, petrol stations etc. Gives you a list, and if you turn your phone sideways you can see it virtually using the camera. Pretty cool visually, as it uses GPS to find your location and the places around you and then gives you it in a visual form. Click the link to see some examples of this

Tesco Clubcard
Price – Free
Put in your name and your Tesco clubcard number. BOOM. Now when you shop you just open the app and they scan your phone rather than your card. Means you dont forget your clubcard. Some shops dont have scanners that can scan this and then you look like a twat, but who cares you have a mother fucking iPhone bitches.

Price – Free
A twitter interface. Is awesome if you use twitter. Of the apps Ive tried, I have to say this is the best twitter application

AA Route planner
Price- £1.79
A route planner, and it will also track you using GPS as you go on the route. Is like a much cheaper version of a tom tom, without the speaking bits. If you have someone with you when your driving its great, but if you want directions read out to you by the phone you’d need to spend £80ish on the Tom Tom app. Personally I cant justify that at the moment, and this app is a great alternative.

TuneIn Radio
Price – £1.19
Internet radio, needs a 3g or wifi signal to use obviously. Picks up a variety of channels, and you can also record.

Price – £1.19
The best iPhone IRC application Ive found. Uses colours to distinguish between users. I tried a few free apps but this was by far the best.

Of the rest, iPint is funny the first time you use it and is a good way to show the iphone to old people who dont get it as you hilariously pretend to drink a pint (you so wacky). Lego Photos is quite a neat free ap, that turns your photo into a lego picture, I use the trainline ap for train times, bump lets you swap photos and contacts between iphones by just pumping them together,


Yeah the important bit, for when you’re sat on the toilet.

Angry Birds
Price- 59p
You sling birds using a catapult to try and knock down walls of buildings holding pigs. It sounds rubbish but its amazingly fun and can be played as short bursts.

Labyrinth 2
Price – £2.99
One of those ball in the hole games. I really like this, and theres create your own and download for levels, so I guess you’ll never properly beat it, as you can always download things to extend it. I got this for free, but I think its worth the price.

Words With Friends
Price – theres a free or a £1.99 paid version
I dont think it matters which you get – the paid version may slightly better track your stats better. Scrabble for the cool kids. Play online against other people

Doodle Jump
Price – 59p
Simple platforming jumping. Is fun as hell. You tilt the phone to make your guy jump between various platforms to get as high as you can. Really addictive fun, and good to play as a two minute game.

You vs The Wall
Price – free
Is hole in the wall on your iphone, suprisingly fun to be honest. Its wacky as hell

Price – £1.19
This is one of those lists games. Basically gives you a subject and you have to get as many answers on that subject. For instance, “Stars of Friends” or “Teams to have played in the Premiership”. Really can be fun.

I’ve got games I paid more money for, like Fifa 10, Tiger Woods 10 and CM10 but I almost never play them, the above are much more quick play games

  • Suqit

    Are you any good at the Words With Friends game?

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    your literally and unironically me (a fat gay baby)

  • Taff

    yeah im pretty awesome at it

  • Aimee Harrod

    I just got the lego photo app after reading this and have to say its fab. Addicted to Angry Birds aswell. Thanks Chris any others u recommend? xx

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