Sonic 4 doesnt seem very good

So Sonic 4 dropped this week and I was pretty excited.

I was a Sega rather than Nintendo fan when I was growing up, and I loved the Sonic games. I bought them all on Xbox Arcade and completed them all again, still loving the simplicity of the gameplay. So when they announced Sonic 4, a genuine sequel to the side scrolling Sonic games rather than a new imagining like all the recent Sonic games which featured him as a knight or ware-hog or other bollocks that made little sense, I was pretty excited.

Ive avoided all the press about the game, alll I knew was it was returning to its roots. So when I picked up the demo I was ready to be loving it.

But I didnt. 🙁

Heres a video of the gameplay

Its just lost the charm, maybe its the 3d look of the characters, maybe its because it doesnt feel like Im in control when Sonic is in the air, maybe its the retarded thing that when you jump you can lock onto things and surge towards them and crush them

It just isnt very good.

Im off to not bother buying this, and instead play Sonic 2 some more.

  • Jill Dando

    You fat bastard.

  • Aimee Harrod

    looks cool I want it. Looks like old sonic x