Achievement Whoring – Virtual Legend

I hit a goal I had set for the end of the year (lol) of 3000 achievements won. This worked out at the time at 250 over 352 days. I got it in 3 months, lol.

Ive set myself a goal of getting to 100k by the end of the yea, this isnt a realistic goal, its just cause I want to track it. My actual goal is 75k and Im on target for this.

Ive also set myself a goal of beating Nibbles TA score. Obviously he plays for the more difficult achievements which get higher TA%. The thing about this is hes set himself a goal of beating my Gamerscore. Will be a fun battle.

Started at the following
TA : 89,768 vs 94,834 – 5066 difference
GS : 63,495 vs 58,430 – 5065 difference

Will be interesting to see who gets there first.

In games, I played a bunch of Lips (31/40), sent back Homefront (26/47), got a few on Borderlands (31/50), nabbed one on Crash Course (11/12) and Battlefield 1943 (11/12).

But the crowning glory was this achievement

Ive been sitting on 45 of 46 for a few weeks. Id been sitting on 43 of 46 for months. The last 3 achievements were for

1) Playing in every stadium – theres 50 stadiums
2) Playing as a team from every league – Theres around 30 leagues.
3) Playing 500 games with your virtual Pro.

1 + 2 were fairly easy to track once I’d set out to, though they were difficuly and time consuming to get. I stuck a spreadsheet on Googledocs ad loaded it up everytime I played to check leagues and stadiums off.

3 was a killer. 500 games, a minimum of 8 minutes a game, works out as almost 3 days solid of just playing Fifa. Add in the fact that any matches I lost connection from wouldnt count and you have a fucking time consuming achievo.

Thankfully, I got it this week, playing online clubs and 1k’d Fifa 11. Get the fuck in.

This week I will be mostly playing Dead Space which just arrived from my rental place. I should be getting another game in the next few days from my Top 5, which is Fight Night, Top Spin 4, Alpha Protocol (reccomended by Scotsman), Crysis 2 and Red Dead Undead Nightmares.