Homefront isnt very good.

It really isnt.

I have been playing a lot more Xbox lately, mainly because I signed up for a games rental service, and it mean while Im saving money from not buying games, I also get to play a lot more games that I get from them.

Since I signed up Ive had XMen Wolverine, NBA Jam, NBA 2K11 (which I played half a game then sent back), Spiderman Web Of Shadows, Splinter Cell Conviction and Lego Harry Potter. In all its been mainly positives for the games

Enter Homefront.

I got this on Friday, I didnt want it and had only put it in my rental list as I wanted to get Fight Night Champion which came out last week, and I thought putting a new release in there may make it more likely that they send me the game I want.

Homefront has a ridiculous story. North Koreas leader dies, and his son takes over. Shortly after Korea is reunited. Various oher things happen, then Korea take over Japan, Canada and Mexico close their borders to America due to various reasons including their instability and a birdflu epidemic. Korea launch a satelite which switches off power in America, and then invade America via Hawaii. You join as one of the rebels fighting back against the Koreans

Its just totally OTT.The game has a couple of little pieces that it expects to get a rise out of you for, including the discovery of mass graves, a kids parents being shot infront of him, and some people being tortured.  The problem is the character models are so bad that none of these are particulary moving or horrific in a way that say the Airport mission of COD4 was.

Its full of little things that annoy me. Paths you have to walk down following a colleague who blocks your way with invisible walls even though theres space to get past him. Then shortly after one of the other people on my team stood on the same spot as me and I was seeing through their body. and seeing the inside of their eyeballs – it was just so terrible.

The rebel forces arent very well equipped, so you dont have access to a lot of ammo or guns and youre meant to keep having to take stuff from enemies to ensure youre always stocked up. However there was never a moment where I felt low on ammo and that I had pressure on me to find anything. It seems silly to put such a feature in then make it have little difference.

The single player campaign is insanely short, just 5-6 hours. Even me as a complete amateur completed it easily. Some of the achievements are well done, but they do require you to play through the game about 3 times including once on the hardest difficulty in order to get 100% of them in the game.

Its just not an entirely enjoyable game. I think I’ll be sending it back this week.