Hockey and Facebook

I love that the band hockey, who have been on hiatus for like a year and during that time lost two members, suddenly realised that their amount of fans on Facebook have gone up massively in the last couple of months. Facebook have automatically changed any likes listed on people’s pages to link to the relevant Facebook group, which means anyone who put that they liked the sport Hockey has been listed as being a fan of the band
So today the band posted

“Ron Hextall!!!!!!!
But seriously. What. We seem to have come across some heavy exposure in the facebook world of hockey (the sport) fans. So, in an attempt to clarify: This facebook page is about the band Hockey. Not the sport. Many thanks. b”

And its already got 612 replies from people bitching, and people are making shed loads of posts on their wall complaining.

Some of my faves

Tommy Lee Haan Dumbasses! Go blackhawks! P.S. Get a real name something like the toothless bastards

Guillaume Gagnon Your band should start playing hockey before you start losing all your fans.

Jeff Gorka Lmao.. fucking retarded. Why did you even say anything now you got all these people tearing your ass apart, I should say thanks, this is more entertaining than your music that I wasted my life listening to. GO WINGS!

Kenny Gill Do you have a dog named soccer?

Everyone seems to be blaming the band, rather than facebook. Fucking retards.

Reminder that Hockey own.

Theyre still my alarm clock tone.