I got punked

So I got a letter through the post, nothing really out of the ordinary



No particular post mark, nothing out of the ordinary.

Little did I know the horrors that await

So I open it up and have a look, inside a cover sheet and a second sheet with the actual letter.

And all the letter said was

A joke.

A terrible joke. Hmmm.

At this point Im sat confused, Rach asks whats up so I tell her the joke and how the letter has no identifying marks. Then have to explain the joke. Then I have to explain it again.

So at this point Im a bit confused as to what it is all about wondering if I signed up to something weird. I take another look at the cover sheet and notice some stuff at the bottom

Hmmm. S&H Enterprises. Ive never heard of them.

Theres also a reference for me to show Ive recieved the letter, so I load up the website and fill in the details and get this confirmation.



To the google mobile!


Never heard of them.

Well, its someone who knows me anyway.

To twitter!

Well you were no help twitter.

To facebook!

The Backstory.

Graeme is also known as Scotsman. We’ve known each other for years and have a few mutual friends on facebook. One of these used to be a guy we call Homer. Homer loves bad jokes, and uses his facebook status to transmit really fucking terrible jokes all the time. Constantly. To the point where I deleted him as a friend cause I was sick of fucking reading them.

As soon as Scots found out, he was delighted. He had something he could use to annoy me.

Since I deleted Homer from facebook Scots has delighted in sending me Homers jokes over MSN messenger till I told him to stop or I’d block him.

Then it started.

A whatsap message on my phone.

An email.

On a forum in a thread entitled “Taff”

On a forum, in a thread about Xbox games, under spoiler tags while talking about a new game.

And now, through the post.

He fucking got me.

He fucking got me.

He fucking got me.


And the worst thing, I found out after that Rach was in on it, after having been bribed with Lucky Charms.


I will get my revenge. Somehow.


Fuck you Dealer Dan.


  • Josh5674

    I miss you guys and the forums. 🙁

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