My Gamerscore? Yeah its over 100k. No biggie.

So 20th of January 2013 is the date that I joined the 100k club. And of course, I forgot to get it dead on 100k. Bit of a ramble this blog, as its late here.

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The achievement that got me over the line was one of three achievements that all popped at the same time


Theyre all from Lego Lord of the Rings,one of the Lego series that my good mate Azza constantly mocks me for playing. They’re essentially kids games, but well made with good humour and very playable. The game itself has added an open world element, and the three achievements above were all got for completing the game to 100%. If I was going to pick a game to get me to 100k it would have probably been the Fifa games,

I’m not a deadly serious gamer like say Stallion83 (Current gamerscore as of writing is 839288), I play games for enjoyment. Much of my gaming is done to chill out and sometimes even have a laugh with the different gamer groups I’ve played with over the years. There was a time where I was pretty serious about my gamerscore, constantly trying to get my percentage of achievements up – I always felt like in order to have got my moneys worth out of a game I needed to have got at least 50% of the achievements in a game which lead me to playing some games I didnt like for longer than I wanted. There was nothing worse than the day someone gave me a free copy of Viva Piniata and I stuck it in, only to recieve an achievement within seconds. My OCD about achievements meant I played this for hours just to get 50% (I did get it in the end). Even now I have a copy of Fifa 07 still here, where I have only 1 of the 11 available achievements, and every now and then Im tempted to put it in to try and get some more, I usually last one of the 30 matches I need to play before getting frustrated by the controls and quitting.

How it Started

December 29th 2006 – Im bored and decide to go to the shop and buy one of these Wii things that I keep hearing about. It had been released on the 8th of december so I decided to get one and try it out.

But the shop didnt have any.

So I have a look and see the Xbox, checking out the back of it and as anyone who knows me will not be suprised to hear – I got all indecisive and walked around Stretford mall for about 20 minutes, texting my friend Michael asking him if I should buy an Xbox instead or wait for the Wii to be in stock. He texts back 3 words

“Are you man enough”

Ten minutes later Im walking up the street filming myself holding up a bag shouting “Am I man enough? AM I MAN ENOUGH??? XBOX 360 BITCH”.

I was/am not cool.

I bought the Xbox along with 2 games that looked cool, Call of Duty 3 and Gears of War. I get in set up my profile at which point Im offered a free month of Xbox Live Gold. The first game I actually play is an arcade game, Hexic HD, which I get my first achievement


Along with two others. (Side note, those three achievements I got in Hexic HD would be the only achievements I would have in that game, till I redownloaded it in April 2011 and got another achievement)

After that I decided to start playing COD3. Given that I only had a month of the Xbox live free I figured I was best playing online first.

And I loved it.

Id always thought on-line gaming was for nerds (it is) but this opened up my eyes. I got sucked in and spent the next week solid playing COD online, earning no achievements. After a week solid I figured I should at least try playing Gears of War since I bought that too.

The disk for Gears didn’t leave my console for the rest of the month.

(sweet 2007 Taff with long hair and cowbay hat pic)

As time went on Xbox gaming became a social outlet as well as a fun alternative to the daily grind. I’ve made some pretty good friends on there, whether it be from the various Fifa teams Ive played with or some of my old Gears of War buddies. Its also a good place to play with various friends from forums and real life.

Gamings become social, whether its the family coming up and having a game on Karaoke, Rock Band or Just Dance, or its me and Rach playing a game of Lego Batman together, or me and a bunch of dick-heads playing Fifa while laughing at injokes.

For a while I was deep into my achievements, always chasing gamerscore but as time went on it got boring – games became a grind and unenjoyable. As it stands now I still like to get an achievement, but its not like Im actively going to chase them to the point where I dont want to play as I know its going to be grindy.

Join me tomorrow for a stat breakdown on how I got to 100k


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