Taffs 100k Gamerscore Stat Breakdown

Cue Scotsmans favourite blog of all time. Settle down, crack open an Irn Bru and lets see how I got to the magic 100k.

With help from my favourite site for checking achievements TrueAchievements, heres some breakdown on how I got to 100k

Achievement Totals


achievements-completion percentage

I have won 4,938 Achievements out of a possible 7,359 (67.10% Completion – 2,421 remaining)

I have a GamerScore of 100,060 out of a possible 164,490 (60.83% Completion – 64,430 remaining)


Achievements have been won in the following

Retail games – 149
Arcade games – 40



This one surprised me as I expected Sports to be well top, but apparently Action-Adventure includes games ranging from Lego Batman to Saw


100% – I have completed 25 games to 100% (excluding DLC). Of these 7 are Lego games. LOL



I also have 9 games where I need 1 more achievement to reach 100% on them. Cant be arsed tho.

Year by Year Achievements

Heres how I got to 100k year by year. As discussed previously I bought the Xbox on the 29th of December 2006. Any achievements won offline havent been tracked by year, but are listed at the bottom

2006 – 3 achievements, 25 gamerscore
2007 – 93 achievements, 2230 gamerscore
2008 – 366 achievements, 6984 gamerscore
2009 – 727 achievements, 15671 gamerscore
2010 – 1103 achievements, 21985 gamerscore
2011 – 1320 achievements, 26265 gamerscore
2012 – 833 achievements, 15290 gamerscore
2013 – 65 achievements, 1250 gamerscore

Offline – 428 achievements, 10360 gamerscore

A year by year rise was slowed in 2012, and I think that was due to a lack of interest in achievements as much. Gaming stopped being fun when I was always chasing that blip, and I can’t imagine playing like that again


Hit 50k on 25 Sep 2010
Hit 75k on 07 Sep 2011
Hit 100k on 21 Jan 2013

Clear to see again that 2011 was massive on the gamerscore, and things have really slowed down since.
Most achievements in one day – 38, on 1st October 2011. All of these were for Saw 2, a fun game with a decent puzzle mix but ultimately poor graphics and movement. It’s a pity a decent studio doesn’t back one of these games because some of the puzzles are unlike any other games I’ve played.

Best Achievements

Based on True Achievement ratio (% of people who have the achievement based on number of people who have the game) my current best achievement is


Getting Warmed Up in Just Dance 4. LOL. We got Just Dance as a dancing game, but I have been using it to do workouts as part of my New Regime. I expect this ratio will go down as people work out ways to trick the kinect camera into thinking they are working out. The one that came in 2nd place definitely wont be going down in % is





Probably my favourite achievement I got – Time for a Testimonial in Fifa 10. You get this from playing 500 matches with your virtual pro in the game. Bearing in mind each game takes on average 10-15 minutes you’re looking at a minimum of 83 hours, or 3 and a half days of constantly playing Fifa. Oh and being a Fifa game, if anyone ever quits mid match then you’d lose the time for that match. I probably ranked up about double that time playing the game

Infact my fondness of the Fifa series sees them dominate my best achievement ratio, as below



Also can I say the DREAM TEAM and Scotsman own.



Hope you enjoyed this stat breakdown, if you’d like to play me on Xbox my gamertag is TaffMaster. Enjoy!

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