Best show ever – The Shield

With Breaking Bad having wrapped up recently its sparked up the usual debate over what the best TV show of all time is. While some point to the usual suspects like The Sopranos or The Wire, or even other shows like Friends and The Simpsons, in my opinion there is no show greater than The Shield

No Spoilers!

Whenever I have to say why I love the show the main thing that I always come back to is that things that happen in the very first episode impact into the final episode 7 seasons later. The show is massively layered and things that may seem inconsequential when they happen may have massive impact in later episodes. The show frequently calls back characters that you may have forgotten about make reappearances down the line. I dont want to spoil any of the major story lines

I’ve written about Vic Mackey before, but unfortunately most of the youtube videos from then seem to have died. Vic is probably the coolest character theres ever been, and one of the major “shades of grey” style of characters that influenced other shows to stop having alwys goof and bad guys, and is even given by Steve Austin as a reason why his character got over so well with the fans.

One of my favourite Vic moments is when the lead detectives realise they have to use Vics more underhand methods to find where a pedophile has hidden a little girl.

If you’re looking for a show to watch give The Shield a try