Football Manager Diary – August

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  • DealerDan

    Loving these mate – once I get to the EPL I’ll probably do monthly updates.

    Love the idea of monthly targets.

    Before each match if you post the formations I’m going to give my thoughts:

    – Spurs. I’d probably drop an MC into DMC to play anchor man and stop Eriksen and the wingers. Play for the draw more there and counter. God I hate that SI logo shit before each highlight. What a well-worked goal that was. Magnificent win there.

    – Aw you didn’t do formation for Utd game. Do that.

    – Yeovil one so frustrating eh? I hate games where you’re the favourite, expect mad results and then scrape by.

  • Chris Harrod

    Updated the next one with the formations before each game, just for you sweetie.

  • Chris Harrod

    It goes up on 27th btw