Football Manager Diary – March/April 2015 – Something must fuck up.

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  • DealerDan

    Fuck me was that Soton game tight.

    Funny you mentioned Rat then he seeemed to be shite those last games. Do you play him much as a wingback?

  • Chris Harrod

    Yeah I meant to post as I realised why, cant believe I didnt. I fucked up and changed the corner settings and free kick settings so everything was pass short rather than shoot, massive cock up.

    Hes a CWB normally

  • DealerDan

    I’ve actually had some success with pass short. Just depends who they pass short to though. Suarez was great at that for Pool as you can imagine – half the time he’d go on a run and take a shot, other times he’d send in a nice cross.