Music Videos I Love – Feeder – Just a Day

When I was at Uni in the University of Huddersfield we had one of those video jukeboxes in the Students Union. It was pretty new for the time and as a result didnt seem to get updated very often. As a result there were a few songs that ended up on a heavy rotation that I pretty much could tell you what happened in them. Videos like System of a Downs Chop Suey or this one….

Fun Fact : This music video came as part of a competition on Feeders website, where they asked fans to send in videos of them singing along and dancing to the song.

Best part of this video is anyone can have a favourite person. Personally I love the the lads who stop playing their instruments when the music slows to drink a cup of tea, the two asian fellas with the funky dancing, the guy who looks for a prop to use as a guitar and uses an umbrella which opens as the music slows, fuck, I could watch this music video all day – and at University I probably did.