Footbal Manager Diary – Season 4 Preseason (2016/7)

Football Manager 2014 LogoWe’re the champions. Yeah I keep mentioning this in the start but its a big deal. We now have to move on from the success and maintain things. How do we do that?

Make some signings.

The plan from our squad review – “Targets for next season have to be a striker (maybe 2) and at least one central defender. Maybe another left winger, and a reserve right back if Joey O’Brien leaves.”

Will we stick to it? MAAAAAYBBBBEEEEE

Having won the League and the cup its time for a team meeting to plan next year.

team meet

Wtf lads.

At least the board are happy.

board end
Our facilities have been left behind by technological advancements. I’d not seen this one before

downgradedI ask the board to improve them, and the youth facilities and they agree to both

Following on from Redknapp retiring after we stomped his stupid face that looks like a scrotum, Arsene Wenger retires.

The club also manage to clear their debts

debts cleared
We did well in the financial fair play period. Phwoarrr look at that profit.

Financial fair play

And our success has bought some beefy sponsorship deals


Which results in a healthy transfer budget.


43million holy shit.

I get a merchandise sales update.

Merch SalesWho the fuck was buying all those Hernandez shirts? He barely played. Wheres all the big Andy Carroll fans???

First signing in through the door is a striker for 12.5 million


21, a strong finisher with a decent bit of pace, good touch and flair. And his value shoots up after signing him to 22 million. I think thats a good buy.

He’s followed by a defender for the same amount

JedvajJedvaj2Decent stats, young enough to be with us for years, and decent heading.

But while looking for one defender I also saw another who I couldnt resist. Southampton got relegated on the last day of the season and instantly their squad got decimated, but the one who I fancied was just 5 million

PapadopoulosPapadopoulos2Those stats are crazy. I’m going to try to train his positioning up and the passing, and the first touch. But some of the others are crazy, hes a great marker with great workrate. He could be great.

Having signed 2 central defenders Boyata leaves the club. Its a reluctant sale as I’d quite happily keep him, but a 14 million bid for a player I bought a year ago for 875k, whos currently on 15k a week but asking for 45k a week, is too good to turn down. He’s only rated 3 star by my coaches, so technically the guys I’ve brought in should end up better

Before he leaves we have a quick word

boyata1Well that was awkward

I also make one more defensive signing, Rafael Da Silva! No, not that one
da silvada silva2His low wages and ability to play across the defence mean he’ll ultimately be my new Joey O’Brien.

Player of the year comes in, and I’m somewhat relieved its not Boyata


Club Captain, top scorer. What a guy

Theres time for a team meeting as the team return from their holidays

team meeting

WTF Morrison. Whats not ambitious about saying we can challenge next year. And what the hell is wrong with Seman.

I dont get the team meetings

The board want season expectations too

expectationI choose the title challenge. The extra bit of money is enough to bring in the last signing I want, and I genuinely think we are good enough

The last proper signing is …..

Pretty happy with that, he’s a better left winger than Chadli, but strong enough to challenge Nedelev on the right too. Not so good upfront but that doesnt matter. Look at those free kick and long shot stats too.

The end of season also sees the wage hikes kick in. Xavi is now earning 99k a week for the last year of his deal.

We’re also now moving into the Olympic Stadium

new stadium

We hit the point where players leave

leaveclubPretty sad to see Rat go. Tomkins and O’Brien have been pretty decent too.

Derik also leaves. For 1.3 million to Leicester. He’s followed out the door by Juanmi whos the subject of a shock 10 million bid from Stuttgart. He’s gone. 10 million is mental for him, we signed him for 1.3 million and he scored 3 goals in 27 games

I’m using the money to bring in some younger players

mecherguimechergui2  palettaPaletta1  RachdiRachdi2  FeragalliFeragalli2  gygazgygax2  assinelliAsinelli2I also sign one slightly older guy. Michael Keanes a guy Ive always liked in the Unied youth team in real life, and hes decent enough to be an extra defensive back up


Heartbreak for Wales in the European Championships

euro semiGermany go on to beat the French.

We also get offered an international job

spainI reject it.

Odds are in

oddsPhwooarrr 3-1. They properly rate us.

And with that preseason is over. Lets have a look at the ins and outs


Pretty happy with that. 3 players out on frees at the end of their contracts, then 3 players sold for 25million, of which only Boyata was in the 1st team.

in60 million spent, thats our 43 million plus the 25 million out, plus we still have a ton of money in the wage budget so we could even spend another 15 millionish on a player, with 100k on wages and still be ok.

Heres the squad as it stands. Probably could do with another striker, maybe another defender.

SquadI’ll probably buy another midfielder instead lol