Running Man – Worsley Woods Parkrun 17-5-14

parkrun logoDecided to update the blog on my running. This first one will probably be a bit longer than most. In the blogs I’m going to try and map the routes using the Runkeeper app, and post times and splits. Hopefully that will help keep track of how I’m doing.

As some of you may know, when I was 17-18 I was an active Triathlete, its something that I bring up every time any kind of physical activity gets brought up. My mum actually started doing the training first as she was dieting and as part of the diet if you did exercise you got to eat more which seemed a decent exchange.   Growing up I was always pretty skinny and when I started doing the triathlon training I quickly became pretty good

2014-05-17 010

When I got to Uni I fell out of training, started drinking and making my own meals and gained a lot of weight. Over time Ive started trying to run again a few times, but ultimately end up falling out of it again. I’ve restarted running a few times before, finished a few 10ks, but every time it’s faded into boredom at doing the same thing every week.


The restarting of my weekly runs is thanks to my good online friend Pissflaps, who can be found on twitter at Flaps (or as Rach calls him, Alan) mentioned he was doing a thing called Parkrun every week. Its a great concept – a 5k run that is completely free to enter and gets timed. You sign up and print off a barcode and after you cross the finishing line you get given a tab with a barcode and this gets scanned with your code to get a finish

So anyway. This weeks run…

Worsley Woods Parkrun 17-5-14


The course is a nice one, the first kilometre is pretty flat, the 2nd one you go up a flight of stairs and through a muddy patch. The 3rd km you go up another set of stairs, then come back down to a flat, then another flight of stairs as you hit the end of that km and its all flat for the last two km.
climb 17-5-14
split 17-5-14The official time came through too


It was a pretty bad run. Weather was really hot, so I decided to wear shorts, tshirt and ankle socks. I’d also got up late, so hadnt really had much to drink before leaving. When I started to run the ankle socks must have pulled down, and I ended up at about the 2k mark feeling that the back of my heels had blistered. I didnt want to slow as was doing ok, so I just carried on. As I was about to hit the 4k mark I pulled up as my left calf just went, and felt really super tight. Ive had some issues in past weeks with it, but it had been fine recently. At this point I ended up kind of hopping the last k as the leg and my ankles were hurting. At the finish I realised that the back of my foot was pretty tore up

2014-05-17 004    2014-05-17 007

I ended up having to take my shoes off to walk back to the car.

New shoes and socks needed I think!

Oh I also meant to post the soundtrack of the Run

Viva La Vida – Coldplay
I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor – the Arctic Monkeys
Pump it Up – Danzel
Hey Brother – Avicii
I Cant Read You – Daniel Bedingfield
Crashed The Wedding – Busted
The Party Song – Blink 182
Beat Mama – Cast
Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo – Bloodhound Gang
Anthem Part 2 – Blink 182