Running Man – Worsley Woods Parkrun 31-5-2014

parkrun logoSo last week I didnt update the running blog, which probably made some people think it was a one time thing. Well actually the blisters I got from running 2 weeks ago left me barely able to walk so I volunteered instead. I ended up being timer, which I felt a lot of pressure on cause if I fucked up everyones gonna be mad at poor old Taffy! But we’re back to running the parkrun this week, before a 2 week break (volunteering next week and on holiday the week after).

Aside from the running I had a first ever try at a T25 session this week, and also did a 45 minute fitness session on Just Dance, because I’m a woman and love that shit.

Worsley Woods Parkrun 31-5-14


climb 31-5-14

Splits 31-5-14

2 weeks ago I did 35:37 on the official Worsley Woods times which was way off my PB of 32:31. The map looks to have slightly glitched around the 2k mark, giving me a longer route than it is. This week I bombed it, every single split was better than 2 weeks ago and while my phone time said 32:31 what would the official time say….



Turns out they had an issue with the timing system and theyre out of sync completely so I didnt get a proper time 🙁

Counting it as a PB tho.

Rach finised at 32:54


Switch It On – Will Young – Loved this song. Started me off going faster than normal.
Friday – Daniel Bedingfield – Havent listened to this in ages so was very motivational
Pretty Fly for a White Guy – The Offspring – not a traditional running song but I really enjoyed it.

I was struggling a little at this point, the 2-4 k part is traditionaly the hardest part of the route as it goes up and down steps. Thankfully this song came on next

The One and Only – Chesney Hawkes – FUCK YES
The View From The Afternoon – Arctic Monkeys – Think this might be one of my favourite songs of theirs. Really distracted me from thinking about running by listening to the lyrics
Levels – Avicci – Think I would have prefered Flo Ridas version
Love Generation – Bob Sinclair – considered skipping this
You Dont Know Me – Armand Van Helden – had a good beat to run to
Dot Your Eyes – Five Finger Death Punch – FUCK YES. What a song to end to. Really helped me finish well. (sorry that the only decent version I can find on youtube is a video game movie)