I started a new Football Manager 2014 Diary

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  • bubbanet

    Good stuff Taff.

    Is a youth player with silver stars ever worth keeping over a player with 1 gold star?

    Also, is there a mod that lets you look back to the start of the season to see what your Youth’s attribute increases are from start/end of season?

  • Chris Harrod

    Players have silver star ratings because they are too young and not good enough to have gold stars, I think it usually goes as silver stars being below 1 star current ability.

    For young players I go off potential. I’m probably not going to be playing in the first team anyway, so its more important to see how they will develop

    None of my youth team players look that good. I’m planning on getting promoted this season and hopefully the next, and then their stats are going to go down in comparrison to the division I’m playing in.

    For tracking developments I dont think so, usually I just go their profile, then development and click the “Show recent attribute changes” button to see how they are doing

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