Running Man – Worsley Woods Parkrun 21-6-2014

parkrun logoSo after a 2 week holiday I’m back and off and running.

Or not, as this update will show.

We had a great holiday in Tenerife, but there was a lot of time spent drinking and eating indulgently, and that really shows with this weeks run


Worsley Woods Parkrun 21-5-14


route 21-6 climb - pacer 21-6 Splits 21-6

An awful run. I get about 2/3rds through the 1st k and feel sick and fucked already. I decided to just ease completely up and take it simple, but I felt awful.  Official result was even worse

Result 21-6

So mad at the fact that Ive done so badly. Next week will be better. Rach finished 34:04

No song list as I’m annoyed!