Football Manager Diary – Season 1- Bristol Rovers preseason

Football Manager 2014 LogoSo our first instalment started with a new game, where we ended up as the new Bristol Rovers manager in the Skrill Premier Conference. This was after getting rejected by Oxford in favour of Peter Fucking Monkey Head Reid.

I will have my fucking revenge, in this life or the next.

In the first installment we did a review of the squad. We have a good keeper (with no backup), good defence, no midfield at all, and 3 good strikers. The real priority in pre-season is to bring in some midfielders.

Before we have a chance to bring anyone in tho its time for a friendly. I don’t usually bother managing friendlies but I’m feeling I need a view of the side so I decide to take control before finishing this first update

16th July 2013 – Bristol Rovers vs AFC Wimbledon

They’re in the league above us, so a good test. I decide to start with the 433.

28 - Taff 433

Its a slow first half tho with little action. Ten minutes into the second half Harrold is injured so I switch to the 4132. A few more injuries mean we switch then to the 41221. One of the most boring matches ever peters out to a 0-0.

Bristol Rovers 0-0 AFC Wimbledon

There were 11 shots in our game, with us having 6 of them. Must have been some good ones in there then

30 - Shots

Fucking hell lads. Give me something to work on

In the middle of looking for players to sign I see one name that seems ridiculous, but my scouts say he would be interested so fuck it, I announce to the press I’d love to sign him. His response is surprisingly positive

31 - Anelka

Can you imagine him beasting the non league? Phwoar. Unfortunately he’s way out of our 15k a week wage budget.

We’re made 6-1 for the title, joint second favourites.

32 - Promotion Odds

I also seal the first signing, on loan.

33 - Byrne 1 34 - Byrne 2

Shaun Byrne is a midfielder who will go straight into the side. I’d love to sign him permanently, but for now he’ll be ideal.

I follow that up with a second signing, this time a permanent one on a free

35 - Irie-Bi 1 36 - Irie-Bi 2

Brice Irie-Bi signs, rejecting Torquay for us. He’s the defensive midfielder I need right now

He’s just in time to debut in our friendly

20th July 2013 – Bristol Rovers vs Liverpool Under 21’s

Coates and Aspas play for them, so this isnt a really really weak team. I play the 41221 to start.

Its not the greatest match, but Liverpool take the win with a goal just after half time. We get only 2 shots in the entire match.

Bristol 0-1 Liverpool U21s
Aspas (48)

And one more signing comes in, and this ones a beast. I was looking for CM’s and decided to filter by good passers, and this one was the only one that came up as available on a free with a rating of 15 for passing.

37 - Gonzalez 1 38 - Gonzalez 2

Phwoar look at all those green stats. He’s just as good in the AM as at AR or MC, and I’m really tempter to change the formation to add in an AM just to accomodate him.

And I follow him up with 1 last signing

39 - Guillaume 1 39 - Guillaume 2

Thats the midfield sorted then.

One last pre season before we begin the season, and its an absolute sitter as we travel to Carmarthen

27th July 2013 – Carmarthen vs Bristol Rovers

This should be a real good match to get a win under my belt before the season starts


Carmarthen 1-1 Bristol Rovers
Butcher (46) – Parkes (63)

Fucking hell. We cant even beat Carmarthen. We dominated, 12 shots to their 4. I wonder how those shots went

40 - Camarthen Shots

FFS lads, put some effort in on training!

With preseason over its now time to start focusing on the season ahead. The signings we’ve made look good, but the budget looks to be gone unless I sell anyone – which I cant afford to.

But before we go, just one last piece of news…..

42 - lol Anelka