Football Manager Diary S1 – October – EASY EASY EASY

Football Manager 2014 LogoSo we’re 2 months into the season, top of the league and kicking some serious arse.

This month is all down to keeping the run going, maintaining the position.

At the end of this month we’ll also have the FA Cup qualifying match which will give us a real boost financially if we can qualify.

5th October 2013 – Bristol Rovers (1st) vs Southport (17th)

We get an early penalty which White slots in in the 13th minute. 4 minutes later this happens

72 - Southport - Gonzalez

Phwoooaaarrrrr. Love that little triangle, and Guillaume and Gonzalez are combining really well. Guillaume grabs the third heading in a cross from Brown. Harrold then bags one just before half time with a shot the keeper cant stop. 4-0 at half time.

The 2nd half is boring, Harrold hits the post but the boys clearly know its job done.

19 shots to their 3. Domination

Bristol Rovers 4-0 Southport
White (pen 13), Guillaume (18, 29), Harrold (43)
League Position – 1st

I decide to switch the 41212 formation, moving the DM up to CM and putting him as a deep lying playmaker so its a 4312.

12th October 2013 – FC Halifax (5th) vs Bristol Rovers (1st)

13 minutes in, Michael Smith does this.

Smith WTF


Lee doubles their lead, heading in a rebound that out keeper spills. I get a message from our assistand that we are getting over run in midfield, so I drop back teoo the 41212. Gonzalez sparks to life, and forces a good save. Then White plays in Harrold who hits the post, and White nails the rebound to make it 2-1.

Into the second half and we’re pushing on but White gets injured. As Im subbing him I notice this

74 - McChrystal what

WTF Mark?

The rest of the second half is dead. We’ve lost our first match of the season

Halifax 2-1 Bristol Rovers
Lee (14, 38) – White (43)
League Position – 1st

75 - Tactics Fail



15th October 2013 – Altrincham (8th) vs Bristol Rovers (1st)

Giving the 4312 another try. Brunts back for a full match for the first time in weeks.

12 minutes in Alty take the lead. Sigh. its a long ball that Reeves runs onto and score. 9 minutes later we’re back in it, Sinnot finds Brunt and his shot is spilled to Guillaume who scores. Arnold makes a great save from their corner as they press back before half time. I tell the lads they can do this.

2 minutes into the second half Ryan Brunt grabs his goal, smashing in from outside the box. He then picks up a light injury so I take him off for White.

Harrold has a chance 1v1 but its saved, then he smashes over from a corner. Alty arent in this, and its all us for the win!

Altrincham 1-2 Bristol Rovers
Reeves (13) – Guillaume (22), Brunt (46)
League Position 1st

Next up are two massive games. First off there a match vs Gateshead, who are 2nd in the league and have won all their last 5. Then we face Woking to finish the month in the FA Cup 4th Qualifying round.

19th October 2013 – Bristol Rovers (1st) vs Gateshead (2nd) – Skrill Premier

Gateshead are favourites. W. T. F.

I’m going back to the 41212 here. No risks.

The lads are up for this, and White has two chance within the first two minutes. Brunt gets the ball in the net after 6, but he’s offside. Its all Bristol, and on 20 minutes Guillaume plays through White and he smashes past the keeper 1-0! Guillaume is pulling the strings, he plays in the left back Brown but he cant score.

Into the 2nd Brunt picks up an injury. Rather than go for a straight sub I decide to bring on a midfielder and push Gonzalez up, so we’re playing a 41221. The game slows tho, and Gateshead slowly start to come back into the game with 10 minutes to go. But finally Gonzalez and Guillaume combine

Gonzalez Scissor


Bristol Rovers 2-0 Gateshead
White (), Gonzalez (81)
League Position 1st

We’re just too good. I cant even build suspense in these kinds of matches

77 - Gateshead stats


26th October 2013 – Woking vs Bristol Rovers – FA Cup 4th Qualifying round

Win this, and we’re in the cup

27 minutes in Gonzalez wins us a pen, and Brown scores. The second half is pretty dead, so i make the changes to go 41221 again. Unfortunately the game stays dead – but we win!

Woking 0-1 Bristol Rovers
Brown (27 pen)

And the draw is out

78 - Cup draw

Disappointing. York are in the division above us, but 22nd in that. Oh well, we should get past them.

So end of month, lets look at the League…

83 - League Oct


And of course, we get a couple of end of month awards

79 - POTM

Guillaumes been outstanding – at one point my assistant said I should change his status to a backup player and since then Ive considered sacking him. We also get the 2nd place in young player

80 - YPOTM

Gonzalez is heir for Guillaume.

And of course I get my third manager of the…

81 - MOTM

Umm…. third?

*ring ring*

Reid-Phone-HeadCheck out!

82 - Reid MOTM



The board are happy at least

84 - board october

Where the hell are these losses coming from. I can see theres a couple of year longs and their repayments cover the majority of the loss.

Oh well onto the next month!