Football Manager Diary S1 – September – Keeping the run going

Football Manager 2014 LogoFirst month as a manager. First manager of the month award.

Top of the table. Who said this management game was difficult? But still theres one pain that burns. The memory that I was rejected as Oxford manager in favour of Peter Fucking Reid.

Its time to take to the phone

Reid-Phone-Head – Hello? Who is this
Taff-Phone-HeadHi Peter, its me, Skrill Premier’s manager of the month
Reid-Phone-Head – Sorry I dont speak to nonleague managers *click*

Fuck you Reid.

At least I can take a bit of joy from his shite managerial skills leading Oxford to the bottom of the table, right?

64 - Oxford league

FFS. He may even get promoted this season and stay in the division above me. I decide to have a look at his profile

65 - Reid


Anyway, lets get back to the action.

3rd September 2013 – Wrexham (3rd) vs Bristol Rovers (1st) – Skrill Premier

Another top of the league clash. The formation Ive been using to great effect lately has been this one, designed to get the best out of Gonzalez and Guillaume. I’m also giving the new keeper a start

63 - Tactics

3 minutes in and Guillaume nets a rebound from a Brunt shot to give us the lead. Its complete domination, but takes till just after half time to get another goal, a neat move on the left suddenly switches to the right and Mr Acid Face himself Michael Smith

23 - Smith

Ugh. I hate his face.

Wrexham get a man sent off in the 61st and thats the end of the match. Dominant performance with 13 shots to their 4

Wrexham 0-2 Bristol Rovers
Guillaume (3), Smith (23)
League Position – 1st

And the games never stop in the Skrill Premier

7th September 2013 – Bristol Rovers (1st) vs Kidderminster (5th) – Skrill Premier

A pretty boring match. It takes till the 61st minute for a goal, and then that comes from Brunt who runs through and slides it past the keeper. Wrexham arent in the game, but we dont have much of a spark either so I throw on some subs, Harrold comes on and sets one up for Brunt then scores himself.

Bristol Rovers 3-0 Kidderminister
Brunt (47, 82), Harrold (87)
League Position – 1st

The board finally offer us a parent club

66 - Parent Clubs

Ugh, well Leeds are out straight away (weallhateleeds). Ipswich are my choice, till I click on them and see they are managed by Mick McCarthy. Birmingham it is then!

We link up, and they immediately offer me a goalie on loan. FFS I JUST BOUGHT ONE. I go through their squad and they have NO other players who would come to us that are decent.

14th September 2013 – Bristol Rovers (1st) vs Dover (13th)

Its The Brunt Show.

Brunt 1 Dover

Brunt 2 Dover


Brunt 3 Dover

Brunt 4 Dover


Bristol Rovers 5-1 Dover
White (1) Brunt (11,20, 41, 85) – Harrington (90)
League Position – 1st

Gutted to concede a last minute goal, it was just as I was thinking “Hmm this new keeper hasnt conceded yet”. Cunts.

Its ok cause we’re a massive 1-3 favourite for our next match against 2nd bottom Grimsby, so we’ll probably batter them

21st September 2013 – Grimsby (23rd) vs Bristol Rovers (1st) – Skrill Premier

1-0 Grimsby
2-0 Grimsby


At half time I go mental again, till my phone rings

Taff-Phone-Head - Hello?
Reid-Phone-Head - Hahahahaahahahahahahahahaaha

Fucking. Cunt.

15 minutes into the second half theres no change, so I bring on Byrne in midfield, and White upfront for Brunt whos had his worst game for us.

White is like a man possessed, and starts to dominate. He grabs a goal from a Gonzales cross, then sets up a goal for Guillaume to equalise. Theres only one team going to win this

So we draw. Lol

Grimsby 2-2 Bristol Rovers
Ironside (13), Hurst (28) – White (65), Guillaume (69)
League Position – 1st

Good comeback but I need to win games like that

Torquay (3rd)vs Bristol Rovers (1st) – Skrill Premier

A mental first 3 minutes see’s us get 5 shots, but then the game dies down. A long ball for them sees their striker run through and hit the post, then Arnold makes a good save.

At half time I manage to confuse half the team by saying they need to do more, and then when I try and fix it by congratulating one of the players who is doing well it confuses the rest of the players. Oops.

Thankfully White continues his good form in the second half and grabs a goal. Torquay push back and its a very even match but we hold on.

Torquay 0-1 Bristol Rovers
White (64)
League Position – 1st

Brunts picked up an injury in training and is out for two weeks. Damn. He’s been my star.

28th September 2013 – Bristol Rovers (1st) vs Lincoln (3rd)

How come I seem to keep playing the 3rd placed team?

Lincoln take the lead in the 13th minute heading in a deep free kick. Harrold hits the post a minute later, then Gonzalez grabs an equaliser with a shot through a crowd of players. Arnold makes a couple of good saves as Lincoln stay in it.

At half time I tell them to keep going and they’ll win it, and Harrold does keep going and grabs a goal with another low shot from range for 2-1. Harrold then plays in Guillaume and he slots past the keeper for 3-1. Guillaume then plays in White and he scores for 4-1 then Harrold grabs another for 5-1.

Too. Easy.

Bristol Rovers 5-1 Lincoln
Gonzalez (19), Harrold (58, 78), Guillaume (72), White (76) – Burrow (12)
League Position – 1st

Heres how we end the month in the league

71 - League September

The board are happy

70 - Board Confidence September

With all these results I decide to have a check on a few things. My wage budget is only 17k, but the total spend at the moment is about 19.5k so I need to move some players on. The first one seems obvious, having signed Arnold as a keeper Mildenhall isnt in the team and with 5 subs I cant be bothered to put him on the bench. He’s on £1500 a week so he’s one of my top earners.

And the awards are in, and we’ve done a double.

68 - POTM September 69 - MOTM September


Could this season get any better?