Football Manager Diary S1 – April – Record Breakers!

Football Manager 2014 LogoLast month we won the league, won the FA trophy, and discovered that my big rival Peter Reid had turned an early season run into a collapse, falling from 1st to 10th in the table

It was a good month.

The only thing left to do is finish the season and break the Conference record of 105 points. We currently stand on 99. Theres also a real outside chance of getting a goal difference of +100. We’re on +80, with only 6 games left with the first of those being 2nd placed Hereford. I dont think we can do it.

Press play now

1-4-14 – Hereford (2nd) vs Bristol Rovers (Champions)

I’m not starting with any loan players. I want to show this team isnt relying on them.

3 mins in

Team Goal

BOOM. I fucking love this team, and especially those 3 players.

White crosses for Brunt whos shot is saved into the path of Guillaume and he scores! Hereford get a couple of chances but Arnold saves.

Into the second half, Brunt has a shot pushed round the post, then Parkes scores a header from the corner. Are you happy lad?

24 - Parkes

Course he is!

And thats how it ends!

Hereford 0-3 Bristol Rovers
White (3), Guillaume (13), Parkes (52)

Points – 102 – Target 106
Goal Difference – +83 – Target +100
Games left – 5

We cant do the goal difference surely

Irie Bi, who’s contract was up at the end of the season signs a new 2 year deal. Templeman who was on £90 a week signs a bumper new 1 year deal at £200 a week.

The board offer me a new deal, I insist on a new parent club, a raise from £1k a week to £1200 and a 50% raise on promotion. I accept

138 - new deal

Harrold requests to be taken off the transfer list as he wants to stay. I reject him. His contracts up at the end of the season and I want rid.

Next match is designated a fan day, so people get tickets for their kids for cheaper in an attempt to boost the attendences for the future.

5-4-14 – Bristol Rovers (Champs) vs Forest Green (8th)

Irie-Bi and Templeman both get starts to celebrate their new contracts

The 1st half is dead, without a highlight. The 2nd half looks the same, so I bring on Guillaume and White for Templeman and Gonzalez but it makes no difference – theres not a highlight till the 88th minute when they get a man sent off on the halfway line. It does nothing tho

Bristol Rovers 0-0 Forest Green

Points – 103 – Target 106
Goal Difference – +83 – Target +100
Games left – 4

Surely the goal difference chance is out of the window. We’d need 3 4-0 wins and a 5-0 to get it.

139 - Fan Day

Lol. Maybe our fanbase will decrease.

12-4-14 – Braintree (9th) vs Bristol Rovers (Champs)

Arnold makes a great save to keep us on terms, and that suddenly kicks the game up a gear with Guillaume getting a shot tipped round the post. Gonzalez then finds Bradley up on an overlap and he smashes in!

At half time I tell the lads I want to see more. Takes till the 73rd minute for them to get more tho, with White bagging after a Guillaume through ball. In the dying seconds White steals the ball and grabs a second.

Bristol Rovers 0-0 Forest Green
Bradley (32), White (73, 90)

140 - Record Points

Points – 106 – NEW RECORD!
Goal Difference – +86 – Target +100
Games left – 3

We’ve done it! Can we do the impossible and grab the goal difference of +100???

The board picked a new parent club…

141 - LEEDS

I didnt want to pick them, but of the options they had the better under 21 side.

19-4-14 – Barnet (13th) vs Bristol Rovers (Champs)

11 mins in Sykes scores for Barnet from a cross. The goal difference dream is over. On 30 mins we get a penalty and the chance to equalise, White steps up and scores! 1-1

Into the second half we take the lead when White heads in a long throw. Storrie then bags one from a corner to make it 3-1. With 3 minutes to go Chantler makes it 4, running onto an overlap and smashing in!

Barnet – Bristol Rovers
Sykes (11) – White (pen 30, 58)

Goal Difference – +89 – Target +100
Games left – 2

Can we do it?

I get to vote for player of the year

142 - Player of Season

Guillaume would be my vote all day long if I could.

21-4-14 – Bristol Rovers (1st) vs Telford (20th)

I’m going on all out attack.

5 mins in Brunt gives us the lead. Sinnott gets a second on 10, then White grabs one on 17 mins. Maybe we can get the 11 goals we need all in this match!!?!?

White shoots wide when 1v1 on 30 mins as the game slows down till Brown gets on the overlap and makes it 4-0 on 42 minutes.

Into the second half and the games slowing, so I make some subs. They get a free kick in their half and the keeper takes it.

Telford long range

Holy shit. What a goal!

On 70 mins Templeman becomes the 6th different scorer, smashing in a goal. He misses a great chance to get a 2nd 5 minutes later as the keeper tips it round the post. With just 10 minutes left he does get a goal and makes it 7, then this happens

Guillame 8-0 Telford

Holy fucking shit.

Thats not the end tho!

6 mins to go Templeman crosses and Storrie smashes one in. 9-0!!

Guillaume gets another chance but its saved. Then this

Guillame 10-1


Is there time to get an 11th?

No. But look at these stats

143 - Stats telford

Bristol Rovers 10-0 AFC Telford
Brunt (5) Sinnott (10), White (17), Brown (42), Lockyer (66), Templeman (70, 81) Guillaume (83, 90+1), Storrie (85)

144 - Record

Goal Difference – +99 – Target +100
Games left – 1

FUN FACT : I write these reports in real time, very rarely going back to change something. When I first saw there was a possibility of hitting the goal difference of +100 we were at +83, and I thought it would be a fun thing to track and just go for. I didnt really expect it. In the last match I just threw everything at them as there was nothing to lose.

Now, we just need a 1-0 win to seal a +100 season.


Pre match my assistant has some advice for me

145 - McLeary

Sorry, I mean ex assistant

146 - McLeary sack

Fucking idiot.

26-4-14 Bristol Rovers (Champs) vs Salisbury (16th)

The games a dead one to start, taking till the 40th minute for a highlight, Guillaume forcing a good save from the keeper. A minute before half time Brunt hits the post with a header.

At half time I have a go at the team. I WANT THIS 1-0 WIN.

9 minutes into the half Sinnott bags the key ball, smashing in from outside the box. HOLD ON LADS. But they dont, they go for it, and Guillaume heads in a cross from White! 2-0. Just a few minutes later its 3-0 with Mozika smasing in a cross from Smith.

I go all out defensive, I dont give a shit.

But we’re too good, Brunt gets forward with 6 minutes to go and gets the goal. With 4 minutes left Salisbury get a penalty and score.

Bristol Rovers 4-1 Salisbury
Sinnott (57), Guillaume (60), Mozika (62), Brunt (84) – McPhee (pen 88)

We did it!

Goal Difference – +102 – Target +100
Games left – 0

The league looks like this

147 - League

What a season.

We sweep the awards for April

148 - POTM 149 - YPOTM 150 - MOTM

Tune in next time for a full and proper season review