Football Manager Diary S1 – February – Boring (its got good gifs tho)

Football Manager 2014 LogoTop of the league, running aways with things.


1/2/14 – Barnet vs Bristol – FA Trophy

The game starts and I think I have it on “Show full match” as its constant highlights at the start. Brunt gives us a 2nd minute lead and then White misses a few good chances. The game dies down, till Brunt then gets a second smahing in a cross from Brown, then gets his hat trick with a powerful shot afer being put through by Guillaume.

Into the 2nd half, Barnet get a goal back, but then Storrie bags our 4th from a rebound – then Barnet get another from a corner. With just 3 minutes left they grab a third and we’re in the danger zone but we manage to hold on.

Barnet 1-3 Bristol Rovers
Martin (57, 70) O’Brien (88) – Brunt (2, 20, 25), Storrie (68)

That puts us in the semis! We’re drawn at home for the 1st leg against Solihull who are in the division below us.

4-2-14 – Bristol Rovers (1st) vs Woking (23rd)

Guillaume needs a rest so Gonzalez gets a run at AM.

2 mins in we have the lead when Mozika puts Gonzalez through. Mozika is running the midfield, and puts Templeman through and he scores. Then we attack, the ball gets tackled and it bobbles round the box and Gonzalez smashes in. On 25 minutes its 4-0 and Gonzalez has a hat trick as we get a pen that he scores. Parkes makes it 5 on 37, heading in a corner.

The second half slows down, till Gonzalez gets in behind the defence and slots under the keeper for his 4th goal. Great performance!

Bristol Rovers 5-0 Woking
Gonzalez (2, 20, pen 25, 69), Templeman (12), Parkes (37)
League Position – 1st

Brunt and McChrystal both picked up injuries and are out for 3 weeks. Fuck sake.

8/2/14 – Dover (8th) vs Bristol Rovers (1st)

Guillaume is back, but Im playing him in CM with Gonzalez staying the AM.

5 mins in Brown crosses, Guillaume hits the post and Templeman taps in the rebound.


Well done you gurning bastard

They immediately attack and go through 1v1 but Arnold saves. Then Lockyer plays a weird offside trap

Lockyer wtf

What the hell is he doing there.

Its ok tho because Guillaume then scores

An own goal from a corner ffs.

I tell the guys I expect more in this half, but they dont give it. Theres barely a highlight even when I throw men forward.

Dover 2-1 Bristol Rovers
Goulding (17) Guillaume (own goal 30) – Templeman (5)
League Position – 1st

Fucks sake

119 - Dover stats

We missed Brunt in that match.

Next up is the FA Trophy Semi, 1st leg!

15-2-2014 – Bristol Rovers vs Solihull – FA Trophy Semi 1st Leg

We’re 1-8 favourites

17 mins in Mozika gets injured so Irie-Bi is on. Then this happens

120 - Solihull

Oh ffs.

The Solihull keeper is making save after save as we go into half time. Into the 2nd half and after questioning their passion it take a minute for us to score

Solihull Equaliser

Cool finish from Sinnott there. I get Gonzalez up to AM and take off Guillaume and White who havent played well for Storrie and Harrold. Storrie then bags a goal, running past a defender and samshing in off the bar. Get in.

We hold on to take a 1st leg lead

Bristol Rovers 2-1 Solihull
Sinnott (46), Storrie (71) – Stewart (22)

And the second leg is straight up

22-2-14 – Solihull vs Bristol Rovers – FA Trophy Semi 2nd Leg (1-2)

18 minutes in and White gets a goal to give us a 3-1 aggregate lead. Its 4-1 ten minutes later when Parkes nods in a corner. Is he happy?

24 - Parkes

Course he is. Go on lad.

Arnold has to make a good save, tipping a long shot around the post. He then saves from the corner too. As they push back tho, we take a 3-0 leadon the night, Gonzalez slipping the ball through to gurning champion Templeman who smashes past the keeper.

Into the 2nd half its all us. Guillaume should make it 4 but hits straight at the keeper. He gets another chance after, and smashes the bar. Solihull show no signs of getting back into this

We’re going to Wembley!

Solihull 0-3 Bristol Rovers
White (19), Parkes (30), Templeman (45+1)

We’ll play Torquay in the final on the 23rd of March. Woop!

With that sealed the target should be to now to win the league. I have a look at the table

121 - Top 6

We’re dominating, 10 points clear with 3 games in hand. A quick check of the record says that the most team points is 105, and team goals is 103 so I’d like to get both those records. We’re on 78 points, and 89 goals, so from the last 14 games I need 28 points from a possible 42, and 15 goals to beat the record. Should be easy

25-2-2014 – Bristol Rovers (1st) vs Grimsby (15th)

Guillaume isnt fully fit, so Gonzalez plays AM. Brunt is back

Its Gonzalez giving us the lead after 14 mins heading in a corner. A good move ends with Mozika finding Templeman and he smashes in 2-0. He’s so happy he does a gurn


Into the 2nd half, Brunt is struggling so he comes off. A long ball goes up front, Templeman chases and the defender slides him down, ridiculous and we have a pen. White takes it and smashes in! White then chips a great ball to put Templeman through but he shoots wide. Arnold then has to make a few saves in the last 10 minutes as Grimsby press, but its a good win

Bristol Rovers – Grimsby
Gonzalez (14), Templeman (18), White (pen 68)
League Position – 1st

92 goals – 81 points

And thats where we finish the month!

We win no awards, I think because we only played 3 league games this month while everyone else played 4.

The board are happy tho right?

122 - Board Feb

Ugh, those loans are equating to a loss for us every month. Looking at the balance we have 46k left in the bank so its key next month we win the FA Trophy for a bit of cash.

On we march to March!!

  • Phil Evans