Football Manager Diary S1 – March – Lets win some fricking trophies

Football Manager 2014 LogoThis month we will play 8 matches, can seal the title (if results really go our way) and win our first proper piece of silverware with the FA Trophy on 23rd of March.

Leading us to the title are our front three.

Laurent Guillaume, a 33 year old Frenchman who according to his stats had only played 7 games before I found him

123 - Guillaume

What did you do in the lost years of 2007-2013 Guillaume????

He’s been playing behind a front two, primarily consisting of Ryan Brunt, a 20 year old lad who started his career at Bristol City before going to Stoke and doing nothing and has scored 17 in 28 this season, alongside Jamie White – a 24 year old graduate of Southamptons academy whos scored 20 in 31 this season.

Possibly the most interesting signing I made tho is Chris Templeman, the 34 year old scottish striker who can play all 3 positions. He came in free in January, and has scored 7 in 8 games. Not that astounding till I remember he agreed a contract at only £90 per week. He gets paid fuck all!

1-3-14 Bristol Rovers (1st) vs FC Halifax (5th)

They were the 1st team to beat us in the league, and I remind the boys of that.

Gonzalez gives us the lead on 17 minutes volleying in a Brown cross. 3 minutes later Guillaume doubles the lead smashing in a free kick. Weirdly thats the 1st free kick I can remember scoring in ages, since that period at the start of the season where we scored 3 in 2 matches. Its a pretty quiet game but a deserved lead heading into half time.

Guillaume picks up an injury in the second half. Gonzalez moves up to AM, and relishes in the opportunity by grabbing our 3rd goal after Templeman puts him through. Its another good win.

Bristol Rovers 3-0 Halifax
Gonzalez (17, 74), Guillaume (21)
League Position – 1st

As per the last update we’re not just looking for the title, but the Conference record for points (105) and Goals (103). That win has put us on 84 points and 95 goals. We’re also 16 points clear with 2 games in hand and 12 to play – we’re 15 points from the title

Guillaume is out for 2 weeks.

4-3-2014 – Lincoln (8th) vs Bristol Rovers (1st)

57 seconds in White goes down the right, cuts inside and shoots. It hits the post and falls to Gonzalez to score! Whites running the show, he plays in Gonzalez again but he misses, then he plays in Bradley on the overlap who smashes in. Lincoln pull one back a minute before half time with a curling shot from 30 yards

Into the second half a deep cross by Bradley finds Storrie whos shot is saved. We push for another but cant grab it till the dying seconds when a Storrie cross finds Gonzalez to seal the win

Lincoln 1-2 Bristol Rovers
Power (44) – Gonzalez (1, 90), Bradley (26)
League Position – 1st

Points – 87 – Target 106
Goals – 98 – Target 104
12 points needed to win the league

We need 1 point to secure a play off place.

Brunt has been a bit off form, and I tell him so. He’s surprised.

8-3-2014 – Southport (23rd) vs Bristol Rovers (1st)

I love this team

Templeman Team move

4 mins in that happens. Beautiful.

Lockyer doubles the lead smashing in a corner. Brunt is really trying to prove me wrong and keeps creating chances, but not scoring. We get a third when a Southport defender heads in his own net – then a 4th when the same happens again.

Into the 2nd half and Brunt again shoots straight at the keeper. Templeman shows him how its done, heading in a Irie-Bi cross. White comes on for Templeman and then he scores with minutes to go to make it 6 – and for us to hit a new Conference record of 104 goals!

Brunt has played really well but couldnt score!

Southport 0-6 Bristol Rovers
Templeman (5, 67), Lockyer (14) Fitzpatrick own goal (27), Dell own goal (39), White (86)
League Position – 1st

Points – 90 – Target 106
Goals – 104 – Target 104
Results have gone our way – 6 points needed to win the league

With everything going our way its time for a quick chat I think

Reid-Phone-Head – Hello?
Taff-Phone-Head – Peter, baby, hows it going? We’ve just set a new conference record for goals. You still on track for promotion?
Reid-Phone-Headccchhhhh I’m chhhhh cant hear chhhhhh *click*

I have a look

124 - Oxford March

Wowzer. Looks like Reid cant handle the pace. We could be beating that bastard next year.

11-3-14 – Bristol Rovers (1st) vs Altrincham (15th)

We’re 1-10 favourites here. Guillaume is out.

13 mins in Brunt is back in the goals, Gonzalez gets through and with the keeper charging out he passes to Brunt for a tap in. 3 mins later Gonzalez has his 17th of the season when Sinnott puts him through. White then joins them on the score sheet, curling one in round a defender.

Into the second half Brunt spurns another good chance. Templeman comes on for Gonzalez as we continue to pressure and White and Storrie have shots saved. White bags our 4th with 15 mins to go from a break from an Alty corner

Bristol Rovers 4-0 Altrincham
Brunt (13) Gonzalez (16) White (25, 75)
League Position – 1st

Points – 93 – Target 106
Goals – 108 – Target 104
3 points needed to win the league

So this is it. We can win the league in our next match!

15-3-14 – Gateshead (6th) vs Bristol Rovers (1st)

Guillaume is back.

Its a dull game that sparks into life on 41 minutes when Gateshead score from a corner. What the hell lads. Thats it for the half!

The boys are out and firing for the 2nd half. Brunt crosses and Templeman hits the post, then Brunts rebound is saved. I throw White on for Brunt, hoping it makes a difference. Templeman misses a sitter with 20 mins to go as we look destined to lose – and we do.


Gateshead 1-0 Bristol Rovers
Maddison 42
League Position – 1st

Points – 93 – Target 106
Goals – 108 – Target 104
3 points needed to win the league

So weirdly that leaves us with 2 games against Torquay, one in the league, one in the FA Trophy. Winning both will give us the double. Come on lads!

18-3-14 – Bristol Rovers (1st) vs Torquay (3rd)

They had to be 3rd didnt they. Guillaume isnt fit to start, so its a front 3 of Brunt, White and Gonzalez.

7 mins in Gonzalez slips it to Brunt, he passes to White who scores – but is offside. Fuck. 8 mins later Gonzalez puts in White again and he scores – but is offside! FFFFUCK. On 20 mins Lockyer does give us the lead heading in a corner. Torquay equalise 7 mins later from a corner of their own. White spurns a good chance when onside. With seconds before half time we grab the lead, White crossing for Brunt to smash in. On 46 minutes tho this happens

Torquay goal

FFS are you kidding me?

At half time Gonzalez is knackered, so I bring on Guillaume for him.

4 mins in Torquay should take the lead but Arnold manages to tip it round the post – so they score from the corner. Fucks sake. 3-2 Torquay. We get back on terms when Chantler smashes in from the edge of the box. Templeman comes on for White as I look for the goal that’ll win the title. He gets a chance, but the keeper saves, then a minute later we break and Templeman plays in Guillaume who scores!!!! Torquay go to bits and Brunt then gets the goal to make it 5-3. With 9 mins left Guillaume puts the cherry on top, Templeman crossing for him to tap in!


Bristol Rovers 6-3
Lockyer (21), Brunt (45, 71), Chantler (55), Guillaume (65, 81) – Wedgbury (28, 50), McKenna (45+2)
League Position – 1st and Champions!

Points – 96 – Target 106

125 - Champs 126 - Champs 127 - Champs

And of course, that means I’m a great welsh manager.

128 - Top Manager

By winning the Conference I’m the 5th most decorated Welsh manager of all time.

But no time to celebrate – lets get a double!

23-3-14 – Torquay vs Bristol Rovers – FA Trophy (Wembley)

We’re playing at Wembley! Templeman deserbes a start for his impact off the bench, him and Guillaume both make the strikerforce with Brunt. No one in our first team for this match has an average below 7.

Guillaume hits the crossbar direct from a corner. 25 minutes in we have the lead – a powerful shot by Brunt is pushed out by the keeper and Chantler is first to react, smashing in the rebound! Thats the only other highlight of a dead first half.

10 mins into the second half Torquay get a man sent off for bringing down Lockyer from behind on the halfway line. No need. Guillaume and Lockyer both hit the bar. Then we get a pen, Guillaume slips Brunt through and the defender slides in on him from behind. Sinnott steps up and SCORES! I make a couple of changes including White on for Templeman. Guillaume does this

Guillaume FK

.. to make it 3-0 and win the cup!

Torquay 0-3 Bristol Rovers
Chantler (25), Sinnott (pen 63), Guillaume (69)

129 - Double 130 - Double 131- Double

We’ve done it! We get 50k for winning the cup, but 23k goes to the squad in bonuses, what the christ!

All thats left is to seal the Conference record by getting another 10 points from the last 7 matches.

30-3-14 – Bristol Rovers (Champs) vs Aldershot (22nd)

7 mins in a good move puts Bradley through and he scores! Brunt doubles the lead on 25 after a ball from Gonzalez.

In the 2nd half Aldershot pull one back, but Brunt gets his 2nd from a corner, kinda

Brunt Corner goal


Aldershot pull another back, but we hold on.

Bristol Rovers 3-2 Aldershot
Bradley (8), Brunt (25, 65) – Plummer (62), Gibbs (82)
League Position – Champions

Points – 99 – Target 106

And thats the month done with.

The league looks like this

132 - League

That goals scored collumn is SICK. Its a pity we cant get to +100 goal difference.

POTM sees us grab the top 2

133 - POTM

And we grab two of the top 3 young players too

134 - YPOTM

Manager of the month? Yeah.

135 - MOTM

But the best piece of news? Remember Oxford rejected me for Peter Reid, and he started the season looking like he would win the league, and avoid a clash with us next season?

136 - Oxford


With winning the league, and the FA Trophy the board must be happy right?

137 - Board

Yesssss. And we made a profit! Regarding Hind, hes the loan defender I brought in whos only on £100 a week. I guess they want me to play him more?

Oh well, lets go break some records!

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