Football Manager Diary S1 – December – That difficult Christmas period?

Football Manager 2014 LogoIts getting hard to write this. Not because I dont enjoy it – I do. Its because we are so dominating that I’m having to write loads every match because of all the goals

Thats gonna be a kiss of death isnt it?

2nd December 2013 – Bristol Rovers (1st) vs Barnet (15th)

Irie Bi guves us the lead, smashing in a shot after a corner bobbles round the box. Barnet equalise through a neat move and an unstoppable finish.

Just before half time Brunt gets the ball, runs past 2 defenders and smashes in to give us back the lead.

Into the 2nd half, White plays a 1-2 with Brunt, then scores. Gonzalez plays in Brunt, but his shot is saved.

With seconds left in the match Irir-Bi gets injured. Fuck. He’s my only DM so really important.

Bristol Rovers 3-1 Barnet
Irie-Bi (4), Brunt (42), White (61) – Akinde (26)
League Position – 1st

For some reason the media arent as enthusiastic about our wins

94 - Streak

Fair enough, we probably wont challenge. I mean we’re only 13 points clear right now.

Next up is a big match. If we can win this we’re into the FA Cup 3rd round, and a chance of facing a big team. Swindon are 2 leagues above us – but theyre 2nd bottom of that league.

7th December 2013 – Bristol Rovers vs Swindon – FA Cup 2nd Round

Heres the formation as we havent seen it in a while

95 - Formation Swindon

We’re 3-1 outsiders. Wow.

It shows in the early stages. Arnold has to make a couple of decent saves. Brunt then gets pur through by White, but his shot goes wide.

At half time its been a quiet, even match

Storie and Harrold come on for Brunt and Sinnot on the hour mark. Theres absolutely no highlights till the 77th minute. A long ball from Lockyer finds Harrold, he plays it to White who passes back to Harrold and he scores!!!!!1 OFFSIDE THO WTF

2 mins later, they get a corner and its headed in. Fuck

We’re out.

Or are we?

Swindon equalise


We manage to bag a draw, and a replay

Bristol Rovers 1-1 Swindon
Harrold (86) – Williams (81)

The draw is up next, so at least we get to see who we could be playing.

96 - Draw - Stoke

Ooooo, a possible Premier league team.

2 games in 3 days now, with the FA trophy against Welling in the same league as us, then the replay vs Swindon. Hmmmm

14th December 2013 – Bristol Rovers vs Welling (FA Trophy)

I dont really have a squad to rotate. So its gonna be pretty much the same side in both games here. I do rest Guillaume and White tho.

We’re 1-10 favourites. lol.

Gonzalez gives us the lead scoring from a Brunt cross. Aside from that its a dead half.

In the 2nd Welling equalise after 72 mins, so with 15 mins left I set to bring on Guillaume, White and Harrold to try and make a difference – but as we’re waiting for the ball to go out of play Gonzalez grabs a goal from a Brown cross! Guillaume does come on tho, and he does this

Guillaume chip

God I love him. Welling get a goal back in the 85th with a good shot from an angle, then 3 minutes later they get a corner, throw everyone forward and score again. FUCK.

Its going to a replay!

Bristol Rovers 3-3 Welling
Gonzalez (34, 74), Guillaume (82) – Ajala (72, 85), Clark (88)

Look at the stats

97 - stats


Gonzalez picks up a hernia – he’s out for 5-6 weeks. FUCK.

So its Swindon vs Bristol Rovers for a shot at Stoke in the next round.

17th December 2013 – Swindon vs Bristol Rovers (FA Cup)

I tell the lads to enjoy themselves. We’re 3-1 outsiders again.

Arnold makes an early save from Williams. We then concentrate on posession, with Sinnott doing well to keep the ball, playing it to White who plays in Brunt and HE DOESNT MISS FROM THERE!!! 1-0. White then gets through, but the keeper tips it over. From the corner tho McChrystal heads in to make it 2-0! Guillaume gets through then, but the keeper again tips over! Its all Rovers!

Into the second half, Im scared to make a change – but who needs a change when youve got Guillaume, he gets the ball and smashes in to make it 3-0! Theres half an hour left, I’m not losing this. I make a few subs.

98 - Formation


It takes till the 83rd minute for a highlight – and its a Swindon goal. A cross in and theres confussion, the ball bobbles then Williams smashes in.

Thats all tho folks!

Swindon 1-3 Bristol Rovers
Williams (83) – Brunt (12), McChrystal (43), Guillaume (51)

We get a massive 27k for that result, plus we get the match away to Stoke. Great fucking result.

And I’m falling a little in love with Guillaume. He’s running games for me. I decide to google him, as his player has no image and I want to see what he looks like

99 - Guillaume

Nah that cant be him

100 - Guillaume


101 - Guillaume

NEVER GOOGLE YOUR FOOTBALL MANAGER HEROS. He looks like an overweight dad playing sunday league.

Spal come in with a bid for 14.75k for Alefe Santos, the young Brazilian winger whos doing nothing in the squad as he doesnt fit in out formations. I let him go. Interestingly it looks like he might be playing for Hull in the premiership next season in real life

For some reason we have 10 days off. Then 3 games in 7 days.

26th December 2013 – Bristol Rovers (1st) vs Eastleigh (20th)

We’re 1-10 favourites.

White spurns an early chance straight at the keeper. Arnold has to make a great save when Eastleigh go through just before half time.

6 mins into the second half its the front three who create again. Brunt plays to Guillaume, he plays through to White and he scores! 2 minutes later White grabs a second, Browns deep cross finding him in the box to volley home. Just a minute afer that White hits the bar – it could have been a 4 minute hat trick.

He does get the hattrick on 67 mins, Brunt plays to Guillaume who plays in White who scores. Theyre such a leathal front 3.

With 3 minutes left Eastleigh score from a corner.

Bristol Rovers 3-0 Eastleigh
White (51, 53, 67) – O’Connor (87)
League Position – 1st

Theres only a day rest till the next match!

28th December 2013 – Alfreton (17th) vs Bristol Rovers (1st)

They drew with us in my first proper game as manager when Shaun Harrad got a late goal. Whites rested for Harrold, as hes knackered.

They take the lead 25 mins in, Mangan heading in a corner. Why do we keep conceeding from corners dammit.

Thankfully we equalise 5 mins later

Lovey finish. Harrad gets a chance for Alfreton but Parkes tackles. Alfreton score again and guess what – its from a corner. FFS.

At half time I question the lads desire to win. They come out blazing, Brunt has a shot saved within 2 mins of the restart. I bring White on but he cant make a difference, Alfreton hold on

Alfreton 2-1 Bristol Rovers
Mangan (25, 38) – Storrie (31)
League Position – 1st

Fucks sake. We’ve now only got a 7 point lead at the top of the league.

One more match to end the month, and the year with.

31st December 2013 – Welling vs Bristol Rovers (FA Trophy)

Brunt plays White in, but his shot is saved.Brunt then has a few good chances, each of them saved. Then McChrystal gives us the lead from a corner. White gets put in again but shoots straght at the keeper. Its all Bristol Rovers.

At half time I take off Guillaume for Storrie, then Irie-Bi for Lockyer and push him into defence. I’m playing a 5-3-2

3 mins in and a long ball finds Brunt and he smashes in 2-0

Welling 0-1 Bristol Rovers
McChrystal (18), Brunt (48)

We draw Aldershot for the next round, at home.

Ending the month, and the year still in every competition we started in!

We dont finish anywhere in the awards for the month, unsuprising given our month was dominated with cup rather than league games.

The board are

102 - board Dec

Happy? At least we made a profit last month. The Stoke match this month should help as well.

The League looks great tho

103 - League Dec


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