Football Manager Diary Season 2 – Preseason

Football Manager 2014 LogoSo the season is over, its time to rebuild and get a side that we can now challenge for the League 2 title

Plus this season we’re going to face Peter fucking Reid for the first time ever.

The preseason meeting doesnt go great

153 - Team Meeting A 153 - Team Meeting B

The one guy with a positive result is the guy who’s loan is finishing and Ive no chance of signing. Fucking hell.

I seal a couple of signings, with some of my loan players on permanent deals. Byrnes contract is ending, but Bradley and Chantler both have bids of 0 accepted.

The new kit deal is in

159 - Sponsor

And the board set the initial budgets

160 - Budgets

Wowzer, thats almost a 50% increase on last years wage budget of 18k.

Bradley, Chantler and Byrne all finalise their transfers.

Southend seem to be taking the piss

165 - Guillaume bid

No chance.

The board ask me for my expectations for next season. I was expecting this to be a choice between Avoid relegation, and midtable finish….

169 - Expectations

Damn. Theres so little monetary difference that I choose the lowest amount.

We get 239k for TV rights. Thats pretty good, because a lot of our team has contract clauses

170 - Contract clause


I make my first proper signing for next season, on loan.

171 - Fofana 172 - Fofana

Looks a really good prospect, but more importantly he’s good enough to go straight into the side. Plus he’s a Man City player, must be good right?

He’s followed by another

173 - Sweeney 174 - Sweeney

And the free signing of Sinnott who was on loan with us

175 - Sinnott

Along with Guthrie, another defender from Crewe

176 - Guthrie

That ends June and so we get a board report

177 - Board

Finances are becoming a real pain, we’ve got no one of value to sell. See?

178 - Acid Face

RIP acid face. He’s followed out on a free by Mark McChrystal who accpts an offer to leave

Some weird news in

179 - ummm

WTF, youve got to be kidding me.

We get a new parent club

180 - Liverpoo

Boom. Unfortunately no one decent from them seems to want to sign for us

Theres another free signing

181 - Atkinson 182 - Atkinson

Note to self : stop signing midfielders. Looks like a proper star

Odds are in

183 - Odds

12-1 isnt awful.

Just before the month ends I manage to seal 6 free transfers – and only 1 of them is a midfielder!

185 - Jackson 186 - Horsfield 187 - Fletcher

190 - Zapata 188 - OBrien 189 - Oneill

The first two are the stars. Horsfield looks a decent player, and could go straight into the first team. Jackson may be familiar if you paid attention last year – he spent 3 months on loan with us us at the start of the season. The other 4 are more for the future, and are signed to give us a bit of squad depth. Fletcher will probably be closest to the 1st team

The board report is in

191 - Board

Lets get to theo season!