Running Man – Newport Park Run 19-07-2014

parkrun logoSo last week I got a personal best, for the 2nd week running, and bought a flash pair of trainers.  We also joined the Sweatshop running club, so did a 5K on wednesday as well.

This week I’ll be running with my mum and family back home in Wales.  I’d got down quite late on Friday, met Mum at the pub, had a few drinks and then had a few more, and a chinese. Not the best prep for a park run!

I persuaded my Mum, step dad Julian, step sister Georgia and her boyfriend Rob to run as well.


Newport Parkrun 19-7-14

19-7 route19-7 climb pace19-7 splitsThe map glitched so this is after edit, I dont trust the splits at all.

Because mum and everyone took ages to get ready we arrived just as the run was starting, no time to stretch or anything. I dont really like this course, as its laps of a route and I find laps really annoying. I also was desperate for a wee, and was really tempted to stop and have a wee. It wasnt a great run and i’m a bit disappointed.

Lets see how the official time shows

19-7 result

Its a PB, because the PBs are done by course. Rach didnt run as she was away

Heres our after run pic


I forgot to do my songs this week!