Running Man – Worsley Woods Park Run 05-07-2014

parkrun logoAfter the closeness of getting a personal best this week, could I get it this week?

The run started out of nowhere, rather than a usual countdown so as we started I realised my iPhone had gone to sleep, so I wasn’t able to instantly start it. When I did hit go, it didn’t start – as it couldn’t find the location. So now I’m desperately trying to see it while its attached to my arm to hit continue.

Fucking annoying.

It finally starts and then decides to glitch. On 5 minutes it was declaring I hit the 1k mark, which I knew from where I was on the course was bullshit. I started to of course get annoyed by this, but then decided rather than get annoyed try and use it for motivation to help get a personal best, pretend I had run a 5 minute 1st km.  It continued to glitch to the point where as I got to around halfway it was telling me I was on 3k.

I got to the end of the course and was convinced for some reason that I may have broke 30minutes, which would have been 2 minutes faster than my PB this year. Of course I hadn’t, but heres how the runkeeper maps were showing

5-7 pre editsplits pre edit


The first and second kilometres seemed mental, till I saw kilometres 5 and 6 The time was looking like a PB, but with the fact that it can take 30 seconds to get from where I start to where the race starts, plus that I hadn’t started the clock right as I started I wasn’t sure.

Zooming in on the map showed how much it had glitched (blue line is a previous run on the same route.)


I edited the map to be more accurate and awaited the proper results

Worsley Woods Parkrun 5-7-14


5-7 Run Edit5-7 pace

5-7 splits

Even with the fact that I edited, kilometres 1 and 4 are great. Really pleased with those.

So official result awaited….

result 5-7-14

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! PB by about 40 seconds.

Rach didnt run this week so no time for her

No music list this week cause I skipped the playlist, tho I will say Mr Vain and Call me Maybe both played and both separately inspired me 🙂