Running Man – Worsley Woods Park Run 12-07-2014

parkrun logoSo last week I got a personal best, everything was right, I was running on my own and felt good and the weather was that just slightly cold, slightly wet that is ideal for running.

This week Rach was back, and it was absolutely roasting out. Last week she ran in Birmingham and I beat her time there, but its been a while since Ive finished in front of her.

I started well, but straight away I could tell my map was glitching again. In the end I got so annoyed I ended up switching it off, and adding in the map after on runkeeper manually.

Rach started slower than usual, and started to catch me at the 1st set of stairs, at which point “So What” by Pink was playing, and that song makes me so giddy I ended up boosting and pulling away from her. She stuck on my tail, but as we went up the 2nd set of stairs maybe the greatest song to run to Ive ever heard came on

Man. I got so pumped after this that I raced home

Worsley Woods Parkrun 12-7-14


run 12-7


I inputted the race manually from what my phone was showing when I finished so was relying on the official times.

I had a good race but given the conditions I didnt think I’d get a PB


12-7 run time

Rach finished just behind me 31:56

YESSSSS! Theres only one way to celebrate. I went down to Sweatshop, where Parkrun people get 10% off trainers. They gave me a gait test, which showed I was leading with my heel and over-pronating when running. They recommended a support shoe, and I chose these

2014-07-12 13.47.43

Cant wait to give them a go next week – when I’ll be doing a parkrun in Wales as I’m visiting home!

12-7 Run Playlist

Here in your Arms – hellogoodbye – Really good song to start, really enjoyed the beat on this
Best of You – Foo Fighters – AWESOME
So What – Pink – This song reidns me of playing Just Dance, and so I ended up dancing while running
Dead Ringer for Love – Meatloaf and Cher – WHAT A FUCKING TUNE
The Rockafeller Skank – Fatboy Slim – This was good, till it slowed right down and I realised I was slowing down. Whoops Now – Janet Jackson – Removing this from the playlist. The beat is good but her singing voice is too slow
Boogie 2nite – Booty Luv – meh
2 people – Jean Jacques Smooth – Removing this. Totally uninspiring, and made worse by me crossing the line and then Andrew WK starting to play. His tunes are awesome for running