Football Manager Diary S2 – November – Taff vs Nick Barmby

Football Manager 2014 LogoIts been a bit more difficult in League 2 than I expected. Yes we’re 3rd and technically joint top but matches are a struggle and a lot tighter.

Last month I tried an adjustment in formation but it made no difference, we still keep having very low amounts of highlights in the matches.

Maybe we need to sign some players.

Pre match Nick Barmby tries some mind games

238 Barmby

Fletcher isnt even a first teamer, but Im gonna play him now just to spite Barmby. Hmmm maybe those mind games worked

4-11-14 – Swindon (10th) vs Bristol Rovers (3rd)

15 mins in Fletcher goes through 1v1 and shoots at the keeper. BARMBY WAS RIGHT.

Lawrence heads in a corner to get us back on terms, but its a poor half as we near half time.

At half time I haul Brunt off for Derbyshire as he isnt having a great game. 30 seconds into the 2nd half we get the lead, Fletcher plays in Derbyshire but he stalls, and then plays in Lawrence to tap in. Just 8 minutes later Derbyshire plays a 1-2 with Fletcher then hits one from the edge of the box that hits the bar and bounces in! Derbyshire has changed the game!

Lipman comes on for Lawrence, but as he does Swindon pull one back from a corner. Shit.

Thankfully Lipman then gets down the left crosses AND THERES FLETCHER – FUCK YOU BARMBY!!! HE SCORES

Thats the winner! How do you feel Nick Barmby?


Swindon 2-4 Bristol Rovers
Smith (27) Williams (67) – Lawrence (31, 46), Derbyshire (54), Fletcher (70)
League Position – 1st

Top of the table!

239 - lol barmby

Hahaha, I love that I can add my own comments to a press conference.

8-11-14 – Bristol Rovers (1st) vs Wycombe (10th)

Need to keep the run going.

Leghait gets a good early chance after work from Derbyshire and he fluffs it. Luckily a short while later Leghait gets down the right and crosses for Lawrence to head in. And its 2-0 straight after, with Lawrence getting through and finishing really well.

Into the second half and its 3-0 when O’Neill gets on an overlap and finishes well. I bring on Fletcher and he puts through Lawrence who gets his hat trick. Then Fletcher gets through and he’s tackled but the ball falls at the feet of Lawrence who scores his 4th!

Bristol Rovers 5-0 Wycombe
Lawrence (27, 29, 57, 69) O’Neill (54)
League Position – 1st

After the match I have a check of the loanees we’ve got on. Of them Fofana in the DM position and Sweeney in CD are playing all the time and costing us nothing in wages, but Leghait isnt playing as much and we pay him, so I cancel Leghaits loan. We’re paying him £700 a week and he’s not playing enough to justify it. He’s only with us for a season and I could bring in a better striker for the money we’re paying him

11-11-14 – Bristol Rovers vs Yeovil – Johnsons Paint Trophy

I see Johnsons paint trophy and play a load of the fringe players. Then I see the pre match odds and Yeovil as heavy favourites and realise Ive made a mistake – they are in the division above us and riding high in the league. Fuck.

2 minutes in and our reserve keeper O’Brien has to push a shot round the post, but from the corner they score. Brunt gets a chance but his shot is tipped wide. Guthrie heads over from the corner, but on the strike of half time we get another corner and this time Guthrie smashes it in!

Into the 2nd half, Fletcher gets on a long ball but his shot is saved. Its all Bristol and we finally take the lead on 70 minutes, with Sweeney crossing to Derbyshire whos fresh off the bench, and he flicks it to Lipman who smashes in! 8 minutes later Yeovil equalise but its offside, and we hold on!

Bristol Rovers 2-1 Yeovil
Guthrie (45+1), Lipman (71) – Davis (3)
Through to the next round!

We’re through, and Im a bit relieved

Hey remember how before the last match I released Leghait because we were paying him £700 and he wasnt getting in the team so I said it was to save money? And how I signed Dunn and Derbyshire, two ex premier league players and they both became flops?


240 - johnson 1 241 - Johnson 2


I couldnt resist. And I tell the press I’m excited too

242 - Johnson 3

As you may know I, addicted to transfers. Im constantly scouting free transfered players, but since I’m such a low financed team I cant afford to scout any non UK players – but I have a solution. You can tell this by a look at my reserves

243 - reserves

All the green players are people Ive got on trial to check out. Theres currently 216 people on trial. Hehe

We get drawn away to Accrington in the 2nd round of the FA Cup

15-11-14 – Dag & Red (19th) vs Brstol Rovers (1st)

Big Andy isnt fully match fit but aww fuck it I want to play him.

Andy gets an early chance but the shot is saved. Shortly after he gets the ball and goes out to the right and crosses for Brunt to smash in.

Into the second half Andy picks up a light injury so I sub him off and play Lipman up front. Jackson picks up our second from heading in a corner and its an easy run out.

Dag & Red 0-2 Bristol Rovers
Brunt (42), Jackson (55)
League Position – 1st

Johnson isnt fully injured, so I put him on the bench.

22-11-14 – Bristol Rovers (1st) vs Port Vale (16th)

Within a minute a great ball by Lawrence puts Derbyshire through and he scores. Its constant pressure from us with O’Neil and Sinnott having good shots saved before Derbyshire goes through again and gets a second! Sinnott goes through and smashes wide. Lawrence is pulling the strings but no one is finishing like Derbyshire.

Into the second half and Port Vale are still producing nothing, and Chantler grabs our third after a good overlap.

Bristol Rovers 3-0 Port Vale
Derbyshire (1, 21) Chantler (6)
League Position – 1st

That win has given us a three point lead at the top, and next we face the 3rd place team who are 5pts behind.

25-11-14 – Bristol Rovers (1st) vs Portsmouth (3rd)

You cant think of Pompey without thinking of THAT CUNT WITH THE BELL

244 - Pompey

I’m playing Johnson and Derbyshire up front for the first time together.

Johnson has a couple of chances but his finishing is poor and we head into the half at 0-0.

Lawrence is having a poor game, and with 15 minutes left I haul him off for Gonzalez, but the game dies without another highlight.

Fucks sake.

Bristol Rovers 0-0 Portsmouth
League Position – 1st

Results go our way and I’m still 4 points in front

Next up is a cup match and we’re heavy favourites

29-11-14 – Accrington vs Bristol Rovers – FA Cup

I’m playing Gonzalez in the AM position for the first time in a while and also starting Zapata for his first ever game.

13 minutes in Fletcher crosses and Gonzalez gives us the lead. Zapata crosses for Fletcher 9 minutes later and he heads in. Accrington pull one back, heading in a deep throw. Sinnott then gets up the other end and scores with a screamer from range to give us back a 2 goal lead.

Into the 2nd half Fletcher has a shot but hits wide. Shortly after a cross comes in and the keeper spills it straight to Gonzalez and he scores! Zapata and Fletcher have played really well, but I bring on some subs, and one of those Johnson gets a goal after latching onto a long ball!

Accrington 1-5 Bristol Rovers
Gonzalez (13, 65) Fletcher (23) Sinnott (35) Johnson (83) – Hamill (28)
Through to the next round!

The draw comes out, and we’re drawn at home to Stevenage. I cant decide if thats a good or bad thing.

Thats the end of the month, and awards are out

245 - POTM

Hes been terrific. Really looks like out star man.

246 - MOTM

Ugh, was hoping I was going to win it.

Heres the league

248 - League

And the board confidence

247 - Board

That line about player sales is worrying. All my fringe players are already listed but no one wants them.

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